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Endosterol works well for me. It took 2 boxes to start seeing results of increased urinary flow. Shipping was fast too.

Kevin Los Angeles, CA

I am an avid golfer. After my doctor indicated that my PSA level had increased over the last 10 years to a 17.2, normal being 4.0 and some doctors say you should not be over 1.0. I become very worried as it could indicate cancer. I was also urinating frequently and having trouble with my sexual performance. . I started to use Endosterol and Medicardium . I took the required dosage that they recommended for 9 months. Month 6, I was retest and it was down to 11.3. Month 9.- 4.0. Let me add this, I did change my eating habits, juiced daily, cut out all caffeinated beverages, did fasting on vegetable juices, got back to exercising but I am convinced that Endosterol was a very big part of my recovery.

Andre Wadsworth, OH
Bill Horn

Being a New Yorker, I am extremely skeptical but when you have a PSA of 11.0, frequent urination, a father who has had prostate cancer and a Urologist who says you have a 50% chance of getting Prostate cancer you tend to get a bit worried. I tried many products without success. I watched the videos on Endosterol and talked to customer service. He sold me on trying 2 boxes of Endosterol and one Medicardium due to my high PSA scores for the first month. I noticed an improvement in the first week. I went to get my PSA again 5 months later and it is at 5.0 which has me very excited. Plus, my urination is much less frequent.

Bill Horn San Jose, CA
Jason Denman

Endosterol has helped to reduce the need to get up during the night because of the urge to urinate. I used to get up 10-15 times a night. My PSA score was over 7 which was worrying me. After 3 months of doing these suppositories my urge to urinate has gone down to 3 times a night and I am very excited to get my PSA score. I’ll continue to purchase this product and recommend to friends and family.

Jason Denman United Kingdom
Sam James

I had been waking up having trouble urinating for over 10 year now using Flowmax and other pharmaceutical drugs to help increase the flow of my urine. I have been on a catheter more than once. I thought nothing would help being 50 years old and trying many natural products on the market. I watched the video about Endosterol and though it was too good to be true but it made sense. I tried a box and I noticed some improvement so I continued for 6 months and my flow is greatly increased and I do not need to wake up in the middle of the night anymore.

Sam James Ontario, Canada

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