When it comes to your health, you want to get your information from reliable, trustworthy people that know what they’re talking about. At BalancedHealthToday.com, we want to share information that will help you be healthy and EMF/EHS-free. This information has been garnered over our 15+ years in the business, giving you top quality information that you can act on.

Meet the President of BalancedHealthToday.com

Paul Fitzgerald

The president of BalancedHealthToday.com is Paul Fitzgerald, an EMF expert and practitioner that has over 15 years of experience under his belt. He’s a Home Radiation Specialist that is passionate about sharing the awareness and dangers of EMF and other toxins that most people think are safe.

As a graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Paul Fitzgerald knows the ins and outs of the technology industry. He knows what the industry does, the dangers it poses, and how to best protect ourselves from the electromagnetic fields (EMF) that are always around us. His education and his determination to spread knowledge has ledBalancedHealthToday.com where it is today.

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