Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT is a painless procedure in which patients are exposed to increased pressure, allowing greater absorption of oxygen throughout body tissues that will result in many healing and therapeutic effectuation floods oxygen in areas in our body where it is oxygen starved thereby stimulating regeneration and cell growth.

HBOT is a US FDA approved treatment for 13 indications and is now widely used in the USA, UK and China. It is used for the treatment of such neurological disorders like Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, ADD/ADHD, immune dysfunction, spinal cord injury, anoxic brain injury, near drowning and other off-label indications.



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26″ Portable Hyperbaric Chamber 


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33″ Portable Hyperbaric Chamber


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40″ Portable Hyperbaric Chamber


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46″ Portable Hyperbaric Chamber


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60″ Vertical Portable Hyperbaric Chamber


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40″ Vertical Portable Hyperbaric Chamber


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60″ Portable Hyperbaric Chamber WA


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For countries where oxygen use is approved, our chamber can be easily fitted with a mask for the inhalation of pure oxygen during a session with either an oxygen tank or an oxygen concentrator..


3/4 Inch aluminum internal frame holds the chamber in an open position even when uninflated for easier entry and exit and faster inflation time. Medical grade internal mattress is custom fitted to the chamber and is 98 inches long. Mattress cover unzips for easy cleaning. Closed cell anti-roll bolsters keep the chamber from rolling or rotating in place.

Optional accessories
Blue cover (for cosmetic purposes only). Internal pressure gauge. Intercom system.

My Thirteen year old son hearing impaired,Mentally Delayed and Non-verbal. Now Progress While Undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
MajorImprovements in Balance, Especially When He Starts to fall, He is able to regain his balance with a faster response. He cross patterns down the steps without holding on.When music is played he responds in singing tones

Author Name : B. M.

“I’ve tried numerous health supplements, but balanced health stands out for its effectiveness. The products have truly enhanced my vitality, and their commitment to purity and natural ingredients is commendable. Highly recommend for those seeking genuine wellness support.”

Author’s Name : Marcelo Natan

Eleven year old boy with profound autism, Who is non-verbal, and is still in diapers. Progress since undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy:
Behavioral changes are easier to handle and function in public place, Less aggressive, Raging stopped and is much happier. New ability to mimic simple vocal sounds-of major importance as pre-language sounds He makes have more tone and syllables. Shows more interest and contact with his brother, Increase in all interactions with others.

Author’s Name :JUliana Hund

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