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Vitalzym Cardio Hybrid Formula with Cardiovascular Support 

  • Vitalzym Cardio has been formulated with your cardiovascular health in mind. Healthcare professionals worldwide have recommended Vitalzym Cardio for their patients cardiovascular wellbeing. The proprietary blend contains "heart healthy" enzymes that may support:
  • Blood cleansing†
  • <liArtery cleansing†

  • Assist with healthy inflammation support for the vascular system†
  • Proper heart function†
  • Improved circulation†
  • The main ingredient in Vitalzym Cardio is nattokinase, the enzyme well-known extracted from natto, a fermented soy product. Nattokinase is widely believed to:
  • Increase longevity†
  • Strengthen heart function†
  • Improve cardiovascular health and blood mobility†
  • Limit the physiological effects of aging†
  • Vitalzym Cardio also contains the powerful antioxidant CoQ10, which has been shown to have significant positive impact on heart function.†
Reduces Fibrin in the Blood
  • The fibrinolytic enzymes in Vitalzym Cardio, particularly Nattokinase, have been shown to have the ability to digest excess fibrin (protein buildup) in the blood, allowing for improved blood viscosity.†
  • It may also help dissolve existing blood clots (thrombus) by dissolving the fibrin that binds platelets and red blood cells together.†
  • Stacked red blood cells (or Rouleau effect) often reflect poor protein digestion. Symptoms can include fatigue, stress on the heart, and poor circulation.
  • Using darkfield microscopy, the ingredients in Vitalzym Cardio have been shown to significantly reduce stacked red blood cells.
  • Below, you can see the effect of proteolytic enzymes on stacked red blood cells.

Warning: If you are pregnant, lactating, taking anticoagulants or have a history of thinning blood in your family, do not take this product without direction or supervision from your medical provider. Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery.


  • Serratiopeptidase, Papain, Bromelain.
  • Nattokinase – helps support natural blood-thinning to support against blood-clotting ailments.
  • CoQ10 – an antioxidant that helps protect the body from free radical damage
  • Protease – any enzyme that catalyzes proteins’ splitting into smaller peptide fractions and amino acids by a process known as proteolysis.
  • Amylase – any of a group of proteins found in saliva and pancreatic juice and parts of plants. Amylase digests carbohydrates and helps convert starch to sugar.
  • Lipase- breaks down fats into fatty acids, which can be absorbed into the bloodstream.*
  • Rutin – one of the many existing flavonoids
  • Amla Extract – an antioxidant extremely rich in Vitamin C, Tannic Acid, Glucose, Protein, Cellulose, and Calcium.*
  • Other Ingredients – rice extract, cellulose, water (vegetarian capsule)


  • Percent Daily Value based on a 2000 calorie Diet.
  • Daily Value not Established.
Suggested Use – Vitalzym Cardio
  • As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule three times daily, or as directed by your healthcare provider.
  • Take capsules at least 30 minutes before a meal, 60 minutes after a meal, or any time in-between meals.
  • Vitalzym Cardio is quite potent, and the nattokinase thins the blood, so be conservative in your dosage
  • Do not consume more than 3 capsules per day unless your healthcare professional has directed otherwise.

5 in stock

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