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Hyperbaric Chamber Testimonials

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Hyperbaric Chambers & Cerebral Palsy

Hyperbaric Chambers & Autism


Hyperbaric Chamber Quality

The chamber is very well put together, rock solid construction. Operation is straightforward. They are great to do business with. They were very good at accommodating our needs.

Dr. Michael Grego N.D.,D.C. - La Grange, GA

Autism Spectrum and HBOT

As a physician and a mother of three children (two on the autism spectrum), I cannot say enough about the chamber. Its special features make it the only home chamber to consider for those parents who want the quickest and most effective recovery for their child. And the cost is essentially the same as the competing standard soft chamber. The difference is dramatic and wonderful: We are so happy we chose this chamber.

Sarah Starr, M.D. - Nashville, Tennessee

Very Happy Client with Operation and Quality of Chambers

I've tried other chambers and I prefer this chamber. The operation of the chamber is very simple. The compressor is pretty darn quiet which I like. The controls are easy to use and are right they where you need them. As far as customer service goes, they're great. I’ve already ordered another one.

Chuck P. - San Diego, CA


Great Customer Service

The people have all been very helpful and informative. The engineers at customer service responded immediately to any questions I had and were quite knowledgeable. They showed a real concern and interest in providing true customer service. The chamber does effectively what they claim it will do, there’s no question about it. I’d recommend it to a friend.

Gayle G. - Honolulu, Hawaii

"I feel totally comfortable with the chamber and the price is the best." Ruth Ann Arujo - Oakdale, CA


Brain Injury Treated With HBOT

My daughter Jennifer sustained a head injury due to an auto accident 2 1/2 years ago.

Mentally she is intact but physically she has lots of problems.

Double vision-lack of balance-poor verbal skills-slow reaction time-poor trunk control, just to name a few. So, naturally, since she has poor balance, she is not walking.

Since we started (HBO) and have completed 40 sessions at Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, her speech has improved. She pronounces words much more clearly and completely. Her balance has improved. She can now raise up from a sitting position on to her knees and hold it. If she does fall forward, her reaction time has gotten to a point where she can catch herself, whereas before, she would just fall on her face. She is crawling much better and canstand much better without shaking or weaving. Her supported walking is becoming more strong and confident. She says she is feeling much stronger. She can also straighten all her fingers on her right hand where before she could not straighten out her ring finger nor pinky.

She seems a little lmore animated and not so robotic. She still has a long way to go but we are happy so far with the rusults and will continue with more HBOT in the near future.

Hyperbaric Chambers To Choose From

New Affordable E-Series of Hyperbaric Chambers

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Free Shipping on all chambers w/in the USA

  24"x 7' Chamber $3,995


Shallow Dive New E Series

28"x 7' Chamber $7,500

Dive New E Series

  40" x 8' Chamber $10,995

Grand Dive New E Series

Shallow Hyperbaric  Dive New E Series Hyperbaric Dive New E Series Hyperbaric Grand Dive New E Series
 23" x 7' inch Chamber $5,495.00 28"x 7 Chamber $9,495.00 28" x 7' Military Chamber $5,495.00
Hyperbaric Shallow Dive Chamber 28-Inch-hyperbaric-chamber  Dive Military Hyperbaric Chamber
  40 inch Chamber $14,995.00 40 inch Vertical  $9,995.00 60 inch Vertical  $13,995.00
Grand Dive Hyperbaric Chamber Vertical 40 inch Hyperbaric Chamber Grand Dive Veritcial  Hyperbaric Chamber 60
  60 inch Wheelchair Accessible Vertical  $16,995.00 14 Day Cleanse 28 Day Cleanse
Wheelchair Access Hyperbaric Chamber