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Autism and Hyperbaric Chamber Testimonials


8 Year Old Male Treated with  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Jack, an 8 year old male suffering from autism, had difficulty acknowledging others, verbalizing and following instruction, and never showed signs of play or imagination while interacting with toys.  He had difficulty with his speech and became frustrated when attempting to express himself.  He was often difficult to handle due to uncontrolled behavior.   Jack was treated with mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy for 60 minutes a day, three times a week, in a portable hyperbaric chamber utilizing 95% oxygen.  

Jack’s mother did not recognize any major changes in Jack’s condition in the first three months of hyperbaric treatments.  Just when she considered halting the therapy, Jack began to show behavioral changes, which she attributes to the hyperbaric therapy.   Jack began participating in play activities and seemed to interact with toys and create imaginative stories.  He now shows a great interest in activities that he seemed to ignore before such as listening to music, playing on the swing and involving others in play activities.  He has greatly expanded his horizons and seems much less afraid of the surrounding world.  
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has improved Jack’s cognitive function including his speech and his ability to express himself.  He is able to communicate without struggling for words.   He is also now following instruction and has received glowing remarks by his teachers on his improved speech and behavior.  Keith continues to receive mild hyperbaric therapy treatments utilizing a portable hyperbaric chamber and 95% oxygen.

10 Year Old Mail with Autism Treated with Hyperbaric

Michael, a 10 year old male, was a high functioning autistic with good verbal skills, but was difficult to engage and had constant tantrums.  He had difficulty with his behavior at school with completing assignments, acting out, loss of focus and extreme mood swings.  He began treatment with a portable mild hyperbaric chamber in the home three times a week for 60 minutes a day, utilizing an oxygen concentrator.

After the four weeks, Michael began to exhibit positive changes, which seemed to coincide with hyperbaric treatments.  The number of treatments was increased to 5 days a week.  Soon he began to show a greater capacity to interact with others, and his tantrums were reduced in number and severity.  Before long, his emotional swings disappeared and he was able to adapt to change and new situations easier.  In the classroom, Michael’s teacher reported better understanding of assignments, better communication, is able to reason and has more focus.  Michael is now engaging in more activities with school mates and has began making friends.


16 Year Old with Autism Treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

Greg, a 16 year old diagnosed with Autism displayed aggressive behavior, difficulty communicating, and trouble with completing tasks due to his frustration.  His mother reported that he was unable to sleep through the night, and she often found him rocking in his bed.  He had difficulty with friendships, and frequently showed hostility toward his sister and brother. He showed extreme allergies to chemicals and some foods and had infrequent bowel movements.  Greg was treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy daily for an hour inside a portable chamber.  

After almost two months of treatment, the changes were minimal and his mother became frustrated.  At the end of the second month of daily treatments, he made great progress and his behavior improved greatly.  He was suddenly experiencing major changes seemingly overnight.  He was calmer and began smiling.  Greg began getting along better with his family members and even made a friend.  He now sleeps through the night and is no longer aggressive.  He is less sensitive to foods and has a normal digestive process.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has improved Greg’s communication and he is now less frustrated and not as prone to emotional outbursts.  Greg receives hyperbaric therapy five times a week in a portable hyperbaric chamber.

3 year old boy improves with Hyperbaric (HBOT) Therapy

To The Hyperbaric Team: We have been thrilled with the changes we have seen in Jack's language since visiting the Hyperbaric Therapy Center and doing our 10 dives. I thought y'all would like to read about what we are seeing. Following is a narrative of what we saw in the first few days after returning home. Thank you for the fabulous work you are doing there for these kids. We were thrilled with the treatment we received from the entire team while we visited with you for a week. You took great care of us. We are truly grateful. Thanks for your service to the autism community!! Karen H and Jack PS The photo shows off Jack's new photo-taking skills thanks to HBOT!!!!! Changes from  HBOT (10 treatments in 5 consecutive days) Day 6: Much less anxiety today than before treatment.

Crying while watching a video with a sad song in it. The beginnings of empathy? Said “ouch, ear”. When I asked if ear hurt, he said “Yes” to Right ear (which he originally indicated) but “No” to Left ear. (first time to indicate pain other than an obvious boo-boo) Said “Mmm, yummy” and rubbed his tummy while eating snack (first time to rub tummy) I said, “It is time to play with Andrea (ABA Therapist)” and Jack said, “No, it’s movie time!” ha. Easily put blanket and pacifier in bed when told. Actually brought blanket and pacifier down to den and, when told to put it in his bed, immediately went to his room and followed the directions. Day 7: Sat through the entire church service in the auditorium (without needing to go to the cry room) – haven’t had that success in MONTHS!

Great imaginative play during church with toys…pretended markers were trains; walked his Dora colorforms around on the seat. When we arrived home, we parked the car in the driveway. As we walked through the empty garage, Jack said “Daddy, where’s the purple car?” Tried to climb up the back of our kitchen chair like a ladder. Day 8: First day back to school since treatment Per Jack’s teachers: Walked into class and said “Hi Miss Penni” and hugged her, unprompted. Did art project without prompting. Easily came to the table when he was called. Jack emphatically did the animal noises during circle time with the class. Initiated more independent play with peers, with very little prompting from teacher or aide. Gave aide a ball during gym time and said “Shoot a basket!”

A student came into class with new shoes on and Jack said “I like your shoes. Your shoes are blue.” When I arrived to pick him up from school, Jack acknowledged me but then went on playing with a dollhouse and the dolls appropriately. He had no interest in leaving, and usually I can’t finish getting the teacher’s daily comments before he’s whining and pulling me to the door. They also noted that NO pictures were needed today from his visual schedule. At a store, Jack looked at an Elmo book. Typically he would then be fine with putting it back. But today he wanted to take it in the car with him (so I bought it). When we got home I told Jack to show Daddy his book. He immediately pushed it over to Daddy and said “I have a potty book!” Much less anxious doing routine things that previously caused anxiety (walking on asphalt). When dressing in the a.m., I said “Let’s wear your monkey shirt” and Jack said “No, train shirt!” Woke up this morning asking what day it was (said “Today is…? Today is?” was excited to know it was Monday.) In evening, peepee-d in the potty for the very first time ever!!! Day 9: Great language has been observed. Longer sentences. More appropriate commenting.

Talking about what he sees on tv. Awesome pretend play today – acted out the “On top of spaghetti” song with the meatball. Never seen him act out anything before! Smiled for the camera for the first time. Was able to take 5 photos, each time he’d smile and look at the camera and wait until I counted to 3!!! He said “More smiles. More pictures!” I went out to dinner w/some friends. When I came home, Jack ran from the den to the top of the stairs beaming with a giant smile and yelled “Mommy!!!” He then watched me in the kitchen for a few minutes, waiting for me to come to him. He never turned away, didn’t go back to playing. Seemed genuinely excited to see me in a way that was different than before. Day 10: During ABA therapy at home, he and the therapist watched the rain outside. Later, when we went back into the therapy room,

 Jack looked out the window and said “It’s all done raining!” I don’t remember him commenting like this before. Day 11: ABA and Speech Therapists shared a shift today. When Paulette, the SLP, entered the room Jack said “Carolyn and Miss Paulette – Together!” He also commented on stickers on the door: “Those stars are VERY high!” Great new commenting!! On a different note, poop has changed back to yucky stuff. Has the yeast returned?

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