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  • Free radicals are highly unstable chemical compounds that force other compounds to either accept or give up an electron or a proton.
  • We use free radicals to make plastics, glues and bleach. Unfortunately, free radicals cause these same reactions inside our bodies.
  • Skin becomes brittle like plastic, arteries fill with plaque like glue and hair turns grey or white which is bleaching.
  • The most detrimental free radicals in the body are superoxides, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals.
  • Because the three antioxidants necessary to quench these three free radicals (superoxide dismutase, catalase and melatonin) do not survive digestion well, Rejuvelon offers them in a suppository.

  • As we age, our cellular ‘engines’ cells mis-fire and create superoxide radicals. By the time we are elderly, cells misfire as much as 2% of the time.
  • A single cell recycles ~10 million ATP molecules per second. At 2% a single muscle cell will generate 200,000 superoxide radicals every second.
  • Multiply that by the 40 trillion cells in our bodies, this means that and older person can make some 800 quintillion superoxide radical per second.
  • That’s an 8 with 18 zeroes after it. We can see this process in its early stages as wrinkles in our skin.

  • Our white blood cells make hydrogen peroxide to fight infections and our peroxisomes make hydrogen peroxide to detoxify chemicals.
  • If you have chronic low grade infections and/or unresolved toxicity, you may be making more hydrogen peroxide than your body can remove.
  • You may notice this process in its early stages as grey or white hairs.

  • Melatonin not only quenches the hydroxyl radical, it also is important for a deep restful sleep.
  • If you aren’t getting a good night’s sleep, you may not be making enough melatonin.
  • A proprietary blend of superoxide dismutase
  • catalase and melatonin in a base of organic cocoa butter.
How to Use:
  • Empty bowels first if necessary then wash your hands
  • Read the label to verify the correct supplement to be inserted.
  • Carefully remove the wrapper to avoid deforming or breaking the suppository.
  • If you are right handed, assume a left side-lying position and bring your right knee towards your chest. If left handed, lie on the right side and raise your left knee instead.
  • Using your dominant hand, slowly and gently insert the suppository, pointed tip first, into the rectum. Use your finger to bring it an inch and 1/2 to 2 inches inside the rectum. Hold it in place for a few seconds then remove your finger. Pull up with the sphincter muscles.
  • No need to eliminate the suppository, but it is very important to hold at least 30 minutes as it will dissolve and absorb in the body. You can move around and do waht you want after you insert it. After 30 minutes if you need to go to the bathroom that is fine but no need to eliminate the suppository. To repeat, there is no need to release the suppository as it will absorb completely into the body as there are no artificial binders, fillers or preservatives in our product.
  • Stand up and wash your hands again thoroughly. Try not to empty your bowels during the next hour.

7 in stock

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