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Glytamins Liver and Gallbladder Stone Dissolver,

Emergency Pain Method for Keeping This Important

Organ Healthy and Dissolves Gallstones



Natural Liver Cleansing
Gallbladder Stones Diet

In today’s ever changing personal health landscape, where fad diets and medical misinformation abound, there are infrequently promising major breakthroughs, that, in essence, are "swept under the rug" by the mainstream medical industry. This practice is very widespread in most private sectors. In Automobile manufacturing, where the capital assets of infrastructure support only "fossil fuel" burning products is a prime example and easy to understand. However, this kind of protectionism, if you will, leads to practices such as patent buying, and typically results in technology suppression. The same thing happens in medical circles by suppressing our ability to choose and acquire beneficial medical products and treatments. Thankfully, on rare occasions, a new and innovative product escapes the perils of the big-business machine and sets new standards for the treatment of our health with very few opponents. Glytamins, is one such innovation that gallstones/kidney stone patients and medical personnel alike, in an effort to‎ Dissolves Gallstones Naturally without surgery, are now beginning to stand up and take notice of it’s effectiveness.

Immune System

Today, we are engulfed by a basket full of genetically modified foods; fast food chains are competing for the market share, economic woes, and we are forced to live in polluted environments. This situation is having a profound effect on our health. In our ever-shrinking global community, we are experiencing an increase of common medical problems, such as gallstones and kidney stones. The numbers are alarming and increasing at an exponential rate. A recent article on US News-Health, with help from John Hopkins University stated, The prevalence of gallstone disease varies worldwide. High rates occur in the United States, Chile, Sweden, Germany, and Austria. Pima Indian women have among the highest rates of gallstone disease in the world; nearly 70 percent have gallstones by age 30. On the other hand, Asian populations have a low incidence of gallstones, and the Masai people of East Africa have none at all. Unfortunately, the western diet is not so forgiving.

Immune SystemImmune System

Having a Gallstone Attack is no trivial matter; the pain can be very severe. The Numeric Rating Scale (NRS-11) is an 11–point scale for patient self-reporting of pain. A Gallstone attack can rate as high as a 7 to 10. To treat the emergency pain of a gallstone, Turmeric has been shown to promote the production of Bile, which is a natural way to cleanse your gallbladder of stones. Artichoke leaves also contain a chemical, which is known to increase bile production. For severe pain a physician may prescribe pain medicine derived from the human bile itself.

Kidney Stones

In addition, an article by the New York Times, "About 90% of gallstones provoke no symptoms at all. If problems do develop, the chance of developing pain is about 2% per year for the first 10 years after stone formation. After this, the chance for developing symptoms declines. On average, symptoms take about 8 years to develop. The reason for the decline in incidence after 10 years is not known, although some doctors suggest that "younger," smaller stones may be more likely to cause symptoms than larger, older ones." And pain is the most often associated symptom of a gallstone or bile flow problems.

Home remedy and gallstone cleanses have circulated the Internet & health food stores for several years, but until now, Glytamins has been one of the few products to dissolve gallstones naturally. Until the introduction of Glytamins, gall bladder cleansing was typically left to a qualified surgeon. The surgeon intrusively cut out the whole gallbladder to accomplish the desired “Gallbladder stone purge”.


Immune SystemImmune SystemImmune System

If you are one of the millions who suffer from gallstones, kidney stones, and want to purge toxins from your liver, dissolve gallstones naturally, for better over all health, and to improve your immune system, it is worth taking notice of Glytamins. Living with gallstones can be a daunting experience. But as they say, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." I for one, feel the need to take charge of my personal health. What about you?



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