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Bladder Cleansing: learn some quick tips on how to cleanse your bladder and kidneys; how physical activity and body care can aid in keeping your bladder healthy and the benefits of a bladder cleanse!

Your bladder and kidneys are very important parts of your body and plays a vital role in the excretion of unwanted wastes and toxins from the body. Hence kidney and bladder cleansing should be a regular part of your regimen to keep the overall health of your body in a good condition.

Kidney and bladder cleansing will flush out thousands of unwanted and harmful poisons, toxins, antibiotics, pollutants, kidney stones, heavy metals, and many more out of your body! Bringing vitality and health to your life, bladder cleansing is an easy way to promote a healthier you.

People following a good diet and performing bladder cleansing regularly vouch by its benefits. They observe the disappearance of kidney stone attacks and pain along with other kinds of urinary tract infections.


Immune System


Learn some tips on cleansing your bladder!


• Elimination of caffeine, alcohol, soda, iodized salt and excess protein intake from your diet should be the first step as these foods irritate your kidneys and bladder functioning and will hinder the cleansing of toxins out of the body. Replacement of caffeinated products with pure drinking water and protein rich diet should be reimbursed with whole grain diet.
• Drink 10 Oz of cranberry juice in the morning as well as in the night, since cranberry juice helps in reduction of the calcium levels in the urine. Calcium can be deposited in the bladder due to improper kidney function and toxin build-up. Kidney stones can be created due to large levels of calcium in the bladder.
• Juice carrots, spinach, celery, parsley for getting a high potassium intake. Potassium will keep you energized and also acts as a bladder cleansing tonic.
• Eating of various green vegetables helps the body to get its chlorophyll amounts that is highly beneficial in strengthening your immune system, purifying the blood as well as in bladder cleansing.
• Drinking carrot juice with dinner will aid in providing you a regular pattern of urine flow.
• Also the consumption of some herbal rectal suppositories that contain herbs and amino acids like Glytamins aid in the bladder cleansing process by optimizing bile flow and flushing out the toxins along with removal of gallstones and kidney stones.



Take care of your body and keep your bladder healthy!


• Going on a brisk walk every day will help to keep your kidneys in a good working condition. Sweat it out, but don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated all the time!
• Sitting in sauna for half an hour duration is good for the removal of toxins and harmful chemicals from your body through perspiration, helping your kidneys and bladder in bladder cleansing.
• Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day and keeping yourself hydrated will ensure that you don’t overtax your bladder and kidneys. This will also further aid in your bladder cleansing process.

Immune System

Benefits of a bladder cleanse!


Bladder cleansing can be very useful and play key role in improving your health and vitality. Read on below to know some of the important benefits of bladder cleansing.


         Dissolving and flushing out of kidney stones- the diet eaten during the bladder cleansing phase employs eating of various citrus fruits which act upon the stones and softens them; thus enabling them to get excreted out along with urine flow.


         Destroying of urinary infections- various herbs and juices taken during the bladder cleansing strengthens your immunity and helps you in fighting against the infections of the urinary tract.


         Kidney bacteria and fungus is destroyed- bladder cleansing also helps in removing and destroying of fungus and bacteria out of the body.


         Inflammation of the bladder and kidneys is reduced- several conditions related to the bladder and the kidneys are cured and their symptoms are relieved by cleansing the bladder on a regular basis.


         Boosting of immune system- helps in improving your immunity and regulating the flow of urine as well as strengthening your excretory system by aiding the kidneys in their functioning.


Kidney Stones

Kidneys are the organs of the body that purify your blood and gets rid of the harmful and poisonous substances that you inhale, consume or take along with your food, air and water. When kidneys are filled with these toxins, poisonous substances and chemicals; they lose their capability to perform efficiently the desired functions of the body. This, in turn leads to several disorders and conditions associated with the kidneys and the urinary bladder.

Try cleansing your bladder and kidneys regularly if you want to be a happy and healthy individual, far away from the diseases and toxicities! One detox supplement, Glytamins can help you on your way to doing that.

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