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EDTA and anthrax

     Anthrax  is the terrorist weapon of choice.  Unlike infectious plague and smallpox which can travel across borders and kill unintended targets, anthrax (shown at right) kills only where it is delivered. 


     Anthrax kills by releasing two toxins into the body, they are called edema toxin and lethal toxin.  It is not the anthrax itself which is deadly, but these two toxins it produces.  If you could neutralize these two toxins, you could live long enough for the antibiotics to work.

Antibiotics are not enough!

     To be effective against pulmonary Anthrax, antibiotics must be given before symptoms occur.  The toxins that Anthrax produces are so deadly,  that by the time the victim is symptomatic,  it is too late.   The toxins will kill the victim before the antibiotics have time to act.  The key to surviving Anthrax after symptoms manifest is to neutralize these two toxins.  Destroy the toxins, and you may be able to survive long enough for antibiotics to be effective.  Unfortunately, you may not know you have Anthrax until you are already symptomatic, so unless you want to be continuously on antibiotics, you may not be able to keep from getting Anthrax.  Even if you were to stay on antibiotics (which has side effects of its own), future Anthrax strains might be antibiotic resistant.

Anthrax and the immune system

     Anthrax toxins turn off the immune system.  If you can neutralize the toxins, your own immune system may be able to destroy the Anthrax just like any infection.   This is important since 1) you may not have access to antibiotics, and 2) it may be an antibiotic resistant strain. 

Anthrax compared to AIDS 

     Edema toxin, one of the two toxins produced by Anthrax inhibits the neutrophils,2  the white blood cells responsible for attacking bacteria.  Anthrax is a bacteria.  Thus Anthrax is like AIDS, it inhibits the very part of the immune system required to destroy it.  Knock out the Edema toxin and your immune system may be able to fight the infection itself. 

Anthrax compared to Cancer

     Lethal toxin, the other toxin produce by Anthrax, stimulates the macrophages (white blood cells) to release tumor necrosis factor a and interleukin-1b, which are partly responsible for sudden death in systemic anthrax.3  Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) is how the body fights cancer (and bacterial toxins).  Unfortunately, TNF has the side effects of cachexia (wasting away) and toxic shock.  Thus while trying to fight the Anthrax, our body inadvertently creates the very substances (TNF) that cause us to go into shock and die.  

Thus Anthrax is like AIDS and Cancer combined!

How to destroy the toxins

     The two toxins Anthrax makes, Edema Toxin and Lethal Toxin, both have an Achilles heel that we can take advantage of.  They both need certain minerals to work.  Let's look at them more closely.  

    Edema toxin has a protein called calmodulin 4 in it.   Calmodulin has been called the "gatekeeper molecule" in biochemistry.  The mineral calcium is required for this "gate" to operate.   Without calcium, Calmodulin cannot work.  Without Calmodulin, Edema Toxin  may become inactive.*  Calmodulin molecule shown at right.


Remove the calcium and the Edema toxin cannot operate normally.

     Perhaps the reason that the vast majority of the deaths in the Russian Anthrax exposure were older people is that as we age, calcium builds up inside the cells.  It may be that the younger people did not have enough calcium build up inside their cells to allow the calmodulin to work.

     Lethal Toxin has a zinc-bearing enzyme in it.5  This enzyme absolutely requires zinc to function.  Without zinc, Lethal toxin cannot work.**  Metalloenzyme molecule shown at right.


Remove the Zinc and the Lethal toxin cannot operate!

So, how do you remove the calcium and zinc?

     EDTA can remove both zinc and calcium from the bloodstream quickly and safely.  EDTA, a synthetic amino acid and food preservative,  has been used for the last 50 years to remove lead and other heavy metals from the bloodstream as a treatment for heavy metal poisoning.  Luckily for us, EDTA, along with removing the heavy metals, also removes calcium and zinc.  There is every reason to believe that EDTA, (shown at right) can remove the calcium and zinc from Edema Toxin and Lethal Toxin as well.  In this way, EDTA may act as an anti-toxin / antidote. 

EDTA can remove calcium and zinc from the bloodstream and the toxins!

How can EDTA be administered?

     EDTA can be taken 3 ways: orally, intravenously and by suppository.

Oral administration:   Oral administration only has a 5% absorption rate.   This will not be sufficient to absorb enough calcium and zinc to neutralize the toxins.  At the height of an Anthrax infection there can be 100,000,000 anthrax cells per cubic millimeter of blood.3



Intravenous:  This is a great way to get EDTA into the body but  most of us do not know how to administer an IV drip.  Even if you could, you would have to be on that intravenous drip for at least 72 hours straight.  Also, IV bags don't travel well.



Suppository:   This is the best way to take EDTA.  It is highly absorbed (90+%), portable, and can be self administered or given to children.   It can also be taken every one to two hours during a crisis to maintain the low calcium and zinc blood levels required to inactivate the two Anthrax toxins.***


Make sure that you  get Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA suppositories, not a calcium based EDTA suppository.  A calcium based EDTA will not remove calcium and therefore cannot effect Edema toxin.  Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA is the preferred type of EDTA suppository.

 How do I know if I have Anthrax?

    The toxins cause nonspecific flu-like symptoms: mild fever, malaise, fatigue, muscle pain, dry cough, and at times a sensation of chest oppression. This phase can last for several days or as little as 24 hours, and can be followed by a period with no symptoms. The second phase develops suddenly with severe shortness of breath, plunging blood pressure and shock. This phase typically lasts less than 24 hours and usually ends in death despite therapy, due to the high number of toxin-producing organisms that have developed (if you haven't neutralized the toxins of course).


By the time you have pulmonary Anthrax symptoms, antibiotics alone cannot save you.

Anthrax kills by the production of two toxins.

These toxins are dependant on calcium and zinc to function.

EDTA can safely remove both calcium and zinc.

Inactivation of these two toxins may give you the time required for antibiotics to work, even if you are already symptomatic.

EDTA can be taken preventatively without side effects.

EDTA has other benefits such as removing heavy metals.

EDTA can be administered at home as a suppository, can be carried in a purse and is suitable for children, and the elderly.

* Edema toxin consists of edema factor, which is a calmodulin-dependent adenylate cyclase.  Calmodulin upon the binding of Ca2++ undergoes a conformational change needed for its biological activity .  EDTA can remove Ca2++ both from the bloodstream and tissues, and may also be able to remove Ca2++ from the calmodulin. Thus removing the Ca2++  makes the calmodulin biologically inactive or less active.6

** Lethal Toxin consists of lethal factor, which is a zinc metalloprotease. 

***  Normal dosage is one suppository every two or three days for heavy metal poisoning.  One suppository every two hours may irritate the rectum, but the discomfort would certainly be preferable to symptomatic anthrax. 


     There are a number of things that must be addressed with symptomatic Anthrax.  The main issues are in bold with some ideas about what might work to deal with them.   In many ways, Anthrax kills the same way a bee sting might kill someone allergic to bee venom.  It is not necessarily the toxins which kill, but the body's reaction to the toxins.  If you can turn off the reaction, you may live long enough for the antibiotic to work.


Products that may decrease tumor necrosis factor, or the body's reaction to it. 




Fish Oil

Green tea

GLA/ Borage Oil





Products that may lower Histamine

Vitamin C

Methionine (Amino Acid)



Ephedra / Ma Huang (Chinese herb)




Products that may neutralize Toxic and Lethal factors



Low Oxygen levels are caused by massive bacterial growth.  You must increase the oxygen level

Breathing oxygen.  Many senior citizens have oxygen at their homes.  Welding supply stores also have oxygen that you could use.  20 liters per minute.

Hydrogen peroxide diluted and taken orally or in a foot bath

Free radicals from lysed macrophages

Vitamin C


Super Oxide Dismutase

Any antioxidants you have

Penicillin V, G






Ciprofloxaxin (Cipro)

Silver colloidal


None of this material is meant as medical advice.  This is for research purposes only.


1. Leppla SH. The anthrax toxin complex. In: Alouf J, Freer JH, eds. Sourcebook of bacterial protein toxins. London: Academic Press, 1991:277-302

2 . O'Brien J, Friedlander A, Dreier T, Ezzell J, Leppla S. Effects of anthrax toxin components on human neutrophils. Infect Immun 1985;47:306-10.

3. Medical progress.  Volume 341 Number 11 (September 9, 1999) New England Journal of Medicine 1999;341:815-26.


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