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Beta Sitosterol

Beta Sitosterol Prostate
Beta Sitosterol Supplement

Beta sitosterol: beta sitosterol and hair loss, beta sitosterol and cholesterol, beta sitosterol and prostate cancer, beta sitosterol and saw palmetto and their comparison for BPH.

Beta sitosterol is a natural plant extract that is used by many to make medicines. Prevention of colon cancer, gallstones, the common flu and cold, heart diseases, HIV AIDS, psoriasis, tuberculosis, cervical cancer, allergies, arthritis, bronchitis, hair loss as well as chronic fatigue syndrome are some of the disorders that can be suppressed by the innumerable benefits of beta sitosterol.

Although there are many other potential benefits of beta sitosterol like enhancing of your sexual libido, boosting of your immune system, treating or more likely relieving of asthma; it is mostly a plant herb that is highly beneficial when it comes to reducing the symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).


Immune System

How does beta sitosterol works?

Beta sitosterol is absorbed by the digestive system and transported to the rest body parts. It blocks the absorption of cholesterol by the intestines. Hence it decreases the cholesterol levels.

Beta sitosterol is also a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor. And hence it inhibits the conversion of testosterone into DHT which is the main cause for enlarging the prostate gland. Since often medications prescribed for BPH syndrome works in a similar manner, and also prove useful in controlling of hair fall; hence it is believed that beta sitosterol too will be useful in arresting significant hair fall problems.

It is a natural method adopted by many people to treat hair fall in contrast to surgeries which are mostly painful procedures. Not only in men but also in women, significant improvement in hair fall has been observed. Such benefits of beta sitosterol have to be still scientifically proved.


Beta sitosterol and hair loss

One of the best ongoing treatments for hair loss for many today is beta sitosterol. Being a more natural form of combating hair loss problems, beta sitosterol is usually preferred by people over other chemicals and drugs. Although, it might not re-grow your lost strands of hair, but it will possibly arrest and stop further hair loss.

Having the ability to block androgen, beta sitosterol can concentrate on hormones responsible for causing hair loss problems in men as well as in women. Not only hair loss, but it is also highly relieving and beneficial in people suffering from prostate problems.


Beta sitosterol and prostate cancer

Intake of beta sitosterol for people finding with any form of cancer is considered beneficial and relieving. Although the studies and research into this field, is still going on; but nothing is proven. But people suffering from prostate cancer have showed a sign in relaxation in symptoms when they started the intake of beta sitosterol supplements like Endosterol.

The medicines that inhibit the conversion of testosterone into


Dihydrotestosterone, also called 5 alpha reductase inhibitors can be useful in preventing prostate cancer. Such compounds are also found in beta sitosterol, which is an essential component of Endosterol. Hence it aids in reducing the symptoms of prostate cancer.

Immune System

Beta sitosterol and cholesterol

One of the benefits of beta sitosterol is reduction in high cholesterol levels. High cholesterol may result in heart attacks, angina and even strokes. Taking of beta sitosterol lowers the total cholesterol level of the body.

Cholesterol is a fatty compound that travels through the entire body in a complex along with protein. The body requires cholesterol for many tasks like production of certain hormones, maintenance of cellular membranes, etc. But a high cholesterol level in your body might make you prone to heart attacks, artery coronary diseases and strokes.

Hence the intake of foods rich in beta sitosterol is considered to lower the cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of such unhealthy consequences. Always consult a doctor before you proceed with its consumption, though!

Hair Loss

Beta sitosterol and saw palmetto

Intake of beta sitosterol with saw palmetto is highly beneficial to keep your body balanced and healthy. And what better option can be there than Endosterol, which has both these ingredients as its main components!
Suggestions from clinical studies portray that both beta sitosterol and saw palmetto aids well in reducing symptoms of BPH. But similar to any sort of medical supplements, you should always consult your medical advisor before you embark on the journey of self medication.

With BPH syndrome comes the problem of hair loss, hence many consider the fruit of saw palmetto as an herb to arrest hair fall. The extract and combination of beta sitosterol and saw palmetto is highly beneficial for hair fall. It is also considered as a nerve sedative and a tonic of nutritive value.

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