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What is Endosterol


Endosterol Suppositories
Endosterol Prostate Therapy

Endosterol: what is Endosterol? What is its importance for the health of a man? Ingredients of Endosterol; benefits and side-effects of Endosterol and also know about Endosterol suppositories.

Endosterol is an extremely efficient herbal therapy that aids in the maintenance of a healthy prostate as well as active testosterone levels as you move towards your later ages.This researched and patented formula consist of all the necessary ingredients that are needed to enhance available testosterone amounts for the prostate health of men along with encouraging erectile potency.

Endosterol directly nourishes and benefits your prostate health more effectively as compared to an oral supplement, as it is an herbal prepared rectal suppository! The rectal walls and tissues are rich in blood vessels. Such blood vessels are known as hemorroidal veins.  The herbal nourishment by the Endosterol suppositories is directly absorbed by these hemorroidal veins that nourish your prostate, comparatively faster in contrast to the oral suppositories.

The suppositories of Endosterol contain the active ingredients of betasitosteral, pumpkin seeds, saw palmetto, Ellagic acid, dandelion and Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA. Beta sitosteral has the unique property to decrease testosterone conversion to both Di-hydro testosterone and estrogen. Ellagic acid, on the other hand, induces aptosis in the prostate glandas well as other cancerous cells.

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Importance of Endosterol for male health

Until the early ages of 30's, a man’s body produces more amounts of testosterone as compared to estrogen. (It is a normal tendency for a man to produce small amounts of hormone estrogen, just as it is a normal tendency of a woman to produce some small amounts of hormone testosterone).When a man reaches his later years, the production of testosterone in his body decreases, resulting in increased amounts of estrogen in the system. Hence estrogen levels in a man tend to increase as he ages. Endosterol is a natural supplement that may help prevent this process.

This process is often termed as 'hormonal inversion,' accelerating with each passing year. An added condition arises when the enzyme called aromatasestarts converting whatever little testosterone amount is left in your body into estradiol, one of the forms of estrogen that is a key factor in increasing cancer risk. Another significant enzyme called 5-alpha reductase also converts good amount of testosterone into DHT,which causes the enlargement in the prostate gland or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) that accompanies hair loss and male pattern balding.

Endosterol helps in maintaining balanced testosterone levels since the herbal ingredients of beta sitosteral and saw palmetto are 5 alpha reductase inhibitors that reduce to a great extent the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Hence Endosterol reduces the risk of being affected by prostate related conditions.


Symptoms of testosterone deficiency

Symptoms accompanying testosterone deficiency are more obvious and most of the times distressing. With the decrease in testosterone levels and dominating production of estrogen, increasedfeminization takes place.
Decrease in muscle mass, increased amounts of fat, difficulty in building muscles even regularly exercising is of no help. Thinning of hair, baldness, hair loss and wrinkled skin are also some of the signs of testosterone deficiency. Other less observed symptoms includes loss of erectile capability,genital atrophy and development of female features.

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Significant and active ingredients of Endosterol

Beta sitosteral, an active and prime ingredient of Endosterol, is a derivative from the berries of saw palmetto, a popular herbal ingredient and plant extract that aids in improvement of men’s health. The berries of Saw palmetto contain small proportions of beta sitosteral, therefore just consuming them as a means of herbal supplementationwill not yield the required effectiveness. Beta sitosteral helps in prevention of aromatase that converts converting testosterone into estradiol, thereby aiding in the preservation of the integrity of testosterone made by your body.

Pumpkin seed extract is also another active ingredient of Endosterol. This extract of pumpkin seeds is a naturaland concentrated source of zinc, an essential mineral required in plenty for good prostate health. Just as the deficiency of iodine causes swelling of the thyroid, deficiency of zinc causes prostate enlargement - aprovocative attempt by the gland to compensate for thedeficiency. Sufficient zinc levels in the body can help in preventing this from occurring.

Ellagic acid is a naturally occurring oxidant found in raspberries and other foods rich in Vitamin C. the unique property of Ellagic acid having anti cancerous effects causes self-destruction in cancer cells.

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Endosterol suppositories

Endosterol suppositories are rich in high content of four different phytosterols along with six other herb extractsthat provide support to the body in the suppression of converting testosterone to estrogen and DHT, thus promoting proper functioning of the prostate gland, hair density as well as testosterone levels.

If you desire the same energy levels, healthy prostate and improvised sexual functioning you had in your younger years, try Endosterol.

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