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Total Detox A Healthy Cleanse

Healthy Cleanse Detox
Detox and Cleansing Diets

A healthy cleanse: importance of body cleansing and its significance on your health; the benefits of a healthy cleanse; a healthy cleanse diet plan; some homemade remedies of how to cleanse your body.

A healthy cleanse is a detoxification procedure of your liver that is becoming extremely popular day by day in the field of alternative medicine having a high success rate. The modern world of medicine and health has introduced a healthy cleanse procedure fairly recently. Alternative medicine has norms not conforming to the norms of conventional medical field. In spite of being a modern concept, alternative medicine has its roots from the procedures accepted by ancient cultures and societies. Alternative medicine and the conventional methodologies of medicine are usually complementary in nature. It includes the usage of roots and herbs used traditionally. A healthy cleanse of the body is one such approach to the alternative medical field.

Following are some steps that can be adopted on a daily basis that can provide a healthy cleanse for your body externally:

  • Mouth- consult any dentist and you will know how important it is to clean your mouth ( including your tongue, teeth and gums) at least 3 times a day

  • Nose- kids love to dig into them but socialization has yielded Kleenex in your hands

  • Eyes- wash your eyes thoroughly with water to remove that dirt and grime whether it be coming home after a hectic day or waking up after a deep night’s sleep 

  • Belly button- grime, fuzz, dirt all accumulate and deposit if not cleaned regularly

  • Vagina- although there might be a daily natural process of cleansing, some doctors also advise to regularly clean it with douches and/or baths

Immune System


Benefits of a healthy cleanse

A healthy cleanse daily comprising of natural herbs and species and natural ingredients, as those found in Endosterol, can go a long way in supporting the seven elimination channels of the human body. The exposure of the system to harmful chemicals and toxins, though, is unavoidable; these simple cleansing procedures and methods adopted can make a lot of difference to your body and health.

A healthy cleanse helps the body in getting rid of waste and toxins, maintaining a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria.
Other important benefits include:

  • Improving the overall vitality and health

  • Increase in energy levels

  • Improving digestion

  • Controlling weight

  • Decrease in any risks of disease or chronic health problems

  • The General feeling of living lighter in mind, body and spirit!


Detoxification of the body through a healthy diet:

As discussed above, a healthy cleanse of the body can be performed by having a special diet healthy for the system which is supposed to be a diet plan that employs the use of foods special for liver cleansing for the promotion of detoxification naturally. Since it is believed that mostly all the foods have certain chemicals that are harmful for the body, hence in consumption of diet healthy for the body very little food is allowed. Not to mention this form of a healthy cleanse is definitely short term.

Such diets promote only the ingestion and consumption of organic material and food, since very little or no chemicals are present while they are being created. For a healthy cleanse process, foods having rich quantities of minerals and vitamins must be promoted as they are considered as natural antioxidants, like watermelons and tomatoes. Intake of large quantity of water as well as having food rich in fiber is also necessary in a healthy cleanse to increase urination and bowel movement.

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Homemade recipe for a healthy cleanse

Try out this homemade recipe for a healthy cleanse while sitting at home!

The very first thing you should be doing each morning is to drink one cup of lukewarm water with a teaspoon honey, 3-4 tablespoons of lemon juice and a small pinch cayenne pepper
1/16 tsp).

Breakfast or mid morning: extract juice around 8 ounces made up of any combination of: pineapple, apples, celery and berries (frozen or fresh), with a pinch of cinnamon and ginger. A high speed blending machine or a juicer will work well. You can even add some water to dilute.

Lunch and mid afternoon: extract around 8 ounces of juice made from any combination of several cucumbers, carrots, some beets, a quarter of cabbage, kale, spinach, three apples, many stalks of celery and fresh parsley (significant for cleansing). 

Immune System


Other precautions that can be taken:

With all the above stated procedures, it is required that a better lifestyle is led by an individual. These effects will come into life only when the individual is happy at heart and feeling healthy from inside. Adopt these body detoxifying methods to lead a healthier and happy life!

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