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Understanding Your Options For Best

 For Prostate Cancer

Causes of Prostate Cancer
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It is estimated that in the USA alone there are more than two million prostrate cancer survivors. So if you are worried about developing this dreaded disease or if you want to make decision on which treatment to opt for or just need to maintain and stay well after the treatment the below detailed treatment options can help you in making the appropriate decision.

There are numerous efficient and best prostate cancer treatments available which have the rate of curing the prostate cancer about 90 percent. Recently the National Cancer Institute conducted a medical test by combining the androgen deficiency treatment with medicines that restrict the capacity of the body to create cancer prostrate with the radiation treatment. It was discovered that the rate of survival among men who suffer from enlarged prostate cancer is considerably increased to 10 years. The following are the three best prostate cancer treatments to be undergone when the early stage of the cancer prostrate disease is diagnosed.


Immune System


Surgery is the first best option among the best prostate cancer treatments.
The location of the enlarged prostate cancer cannot be found by using the medicines in the small size prostate gland. The only way to treat the enlarged prostate cancer is through the operation and removal of the enlarged prostate gland. This radical prostatectomy can be done in two ways. The first method of operation is the conventional method of opening in the lower part of the abdomen. The second method of operation is making a small size opening which has a size of the hole of the key , by using special instruments. Nowadays robotic-assisted surgery is more popular because of its less risk features. But the result of the radical prostatectomy is the body is very slow to heal, possible male impudency, aches and the time of recovery is all identical to robotic surgery.

Generally for the people who are younger than mid 60s, surgery is the preferable best prostate cancer treatment . This is because the people of this age category will have the capability of resisting the side effects like weaknesses and nonexcretion problems. During surgery it is possible to cause some nervous problems pertaining to sexual functions, but the patient can attain the normal health within two or three years of the surgery. This advantage cannot be found in other methods of best prostate cancer treatments.


Outdoor Radiation Treatment is the second best option among the best prostate cancer treatments.

During the radiation treatment the enlarged prostate cancer cells are killed by the high power X-rays particles or protons. Nowadays the outdoor radiation treatment has become a more sophisticated treatment than locating and shooting the cancer cells. During the intensity modulated radiation treatment the beams of light is divided into different beam bands with different intensity . The high intensity beam will move towards the dense area of the enlarged prostate gland and lower intensity light beams will move towards the thinner portions of the enlarged prostate gland.

The protons are also used to carry radiation to the prostate gland of the patient with proper control and care. The method is passing higher dose to the prostate gland and lower dose of the sensitive parts of the body like bladder and rectum. Some people consider the Outdoor radiation treatment as the best prostate cancer treatments . This treatment contains a forty day daily treatment on weekdays for eight weeks. Studies are being conducted to reduce the forty days daily weekdays treatment to ten daily weekdays treatment. It is anticipated that this frequency of enlarged prostrate treatment can be achieved in a few years.

Doctors are of the opinion that the short-term radiation treatment has some side effects too. This is because the radiation treatments cause harmful effects to the adjoining healthy tissues. The enlarged prostate cancer can be cured even after ten to twenty years, but the effects of radiation will damage the bladder and rectum to a great extent which can cause a serious blow to the patients' quality of life. Some erectile problems may be developed over two or three years.

Immune System

Indoor Radiation Treatment is the third best option among the best prostate cancer treatments

One may feel bored or dejected in going to the hospital five weekly days for eight weeks for taking outdoor enlarged prostate cancer treatment. This can be avoided by taking the indoor radiation treatment to treat enlarged prostate cancer. During the indoor radiation treatment which may be the best prostate cancer treatments for some people, the surgeon adopts an outpatient procedure for ninety minutes and make the patient unconscious by providing him the common anesthesia. The surgeon then implant some radioactive seeds throughout the areas of the prostate gland of the patient through a long thin needle. The radioactive seeds are small in size like a rice grain.

The radioactive seeds will emit low doses of radiations which kill the adjoining cancer cells. These seeds will be dissolved after some years. The radioactive seeds are also left permanently in the prostate gland In most of the cases. The patient cannot see or feel the radioactive seeds because of their minute size. The greatest advantage of the indoor radioactive treatment is the convenience and the patient has no necessity to travel between his/her home to the hospital for taking the best prostate cancer treatments as in the case of outdoor radiation treatment.


The doctors suggested the patients to wear condom during sexual intercourse with their life partner, as there is a chance of excretion of radioactive seeds into the body of the life partner. The doctors also recommend the patients to avoid sitting their children on their lap while the radioactive seeds are in active condition. So one can have any one of the above three best prostate cancer treatments to recover from prostate cancer.

Another method that can be helpful for the prostate is Endsoterol. Men can reduce inflammation of the prostate, possibly lower their PSA, along with the potential of regaining normal urine flow and erection after consultation with a physician. Endostreol is a suppository and that is one of the reasons for it’ effectiveness, due to being place right at the point of the prostate. Go learn more about Endosterol by watching a few videos on it.

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