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Natural Liver Cleansing
Liver Cleansing Diet

Liver Cleansing: importance of liver cleansing; some popular foods that can cleanse your liver and how to cleanse the liver sitting at home!

Being the largest body organ, the liver is responsible in the filtering and cleansing of harmful substances from the blood. A liver that functions properly helps in processing bile that is essential for metabolizing fats, storing vitamins and glucose necessary for producing energy and detoxification of the blood.

Having a poor diet and toxic substances consumed from things such as alcohol, drugs and pollution play havoc with the liver, making it difficult for the liver to perform its functions properly. Liver cleansing at home can be done by following a special organic diet for a specified period of time that can help in improving your liver’s health and making it function optimally.

Modern society and its sedentary lifestyle have created a subjugated state for the over-processed human body livers. Anytime you overeat or consume processed and fried foods, and, anytime you are vulnerable to stress or environmental pollutants, it leads to the overworking and overloading of the liver. This taxing on the liver because of such factors makes it inefficient in processing toxins and fatty substances.

There are several foods that aid in liver cleansing naturally. They stimulate the natural capability of the liver to promote cleaning the toxic waste and releasing them out of the body. Such liver cleansing foods are discussed in the article below.


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Popular foods that aid in liver cleansing

Though liver cleansing is a natural function of the liver, you can aid and promote cleansing of your liver by consuming some foods that help in further liver cleansing and maintaining the good health of your liver.

• Garlic- only a small amount of this pungent smelling white bulb holds the capability of activating liver enzymes which helps in flushing the toxins out from your liver and from your body. Garlic is also believed to hold high amounts of selenium and allicin, which are two natural compounds, aiding in liver cleansing.

• Grapefruit- this fruit is abundant of both antioxidants as well as vitamin C. grapefruit increases and enhance the natural processes of liver cleansing. Squeeze some fresh grapefruits and drink the juice, which will not only boost the production of detoxification enzymes in the liver but also will help in flushing out toxins and carcinogens.




• Green Tea- this nutritious beverage loves your liver and is brimming with plant antioxidants called catechins, a substance known for assisting the overall functions of the liver.

• Green leafy vegetables- a powerful friend in the liver cleansing process, leafy green veggies can be consumed raw as they are, juiced or cooked. Extremely high and brimming with plant chlorophylls, green vegetables suck up toxins in your system from your blood stream.

• Avocados- this super food dense with nutrients helps in the production of glutathione, which is a necessary enzyme for liver cleansing ousting harmful toxins. Recent studies suggest that liver health is improved when avocados are consumed regularly.

• Apples- brimming with pectin, apples contain the chemical constituents required by the body for cleansing and releasing toxins out of the digestive tract. This, as a result, makes it relatively easier for the liver in handling the poisonous load during the liver cleansing process.

• Olive Oil- organic oils like flax-seed oil, olive oil, hemp oil are great for the liver, when they are consumed in moderation. They provide the body with a lipid base that can help in sucking up harmful toxins from the body.

• Walnuts- containing high amounts of amino acids like arginine, walnuts helps the liver in cleansing ammonia. Being also incredibly high in omega-3 acids and glutathione; walnuts support liver cleansing actions.


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Cleanse your liver sitting at home!

Step 1:
Eat only such raw vegetables and fruits that are organic, along with lean organic meats, organic eggs and grains that are gluten-free for around one to five weeks. Experts recommend liver cleansing foods such as broccoli, beans, flax seed, garlic, whey protein, almonds, kale, beets, coconuts, and brown rice.

Step 2:
Only filtered or distilled water should be taken, along with liquids like decaffeinated green tea and organic apple juice for the whole duration of the liver cleanse. Adding freshly prepared lemon juice in your tea or water will ensure a good digestion and metabolism rate. Drinking plenty of liquids during the cleansing process will help in flushing toxins from your system.

Step 3:
You can enhance your cleansing process by taking herbal supplements like Glytamins that promote the liver health and is composed of such ingredients that enable and enhance in the liver cleansing process.

Step 4:
Be active and be alert. Try exercising for at least half an hour a day. You don’t need to do a vigorous exercise, but little exercise will improve your liver function along with helping the liver in expelling the toxins.

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Follow these steps and adhere to these herbal and organic foods and you will get a healthier functioning liver in no time!

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