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Hormone Tests

Hormonal Imbalance
Hormones in Women

Hormone tests: various kinds of hormones and the imbalances found in both men and women; the importance of getting yourself hormonal tested; and some hormone imbalance symptoms.

Hormones are messengers produced in the entire body, and since they communicate with your organs and even with each other, they become successful in the maintenance of a balance that is destined to make a person happy as well as healthy.

Hormones are like chemical substances that keep sending signals amongst various cells of the human body and are responsible for regulating everything; right from the blood pressure regulation of a person to having a sound sleep in the night. When such a balance gets disturbed, then you should go for hormone tests to detect the right reason behind the hormonal imbalance symptoms.

The signaling method of the hormones begins right from the moment they are released from a certain gland- an organ that is responsible for both the synthesis along with the signaling of molecules besides also secreting them. Playing significant responsibilities in so many different body processes like reproduction, cell repair, growth, fertility, appetite, metabolism, and regulating pain; hormones are the master substances driving the whole body.

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Hormones in women

The hormone tests in women are based on the symptoms afflicted by the following female hormones:

Progesterone deficiency: the hormone tests are done for this most common hormonal imbalance among the females today of all ages. Changing your diet, getting off from synthetic hormones (including the use of birth controlling pills), and using a progesterone cream might be required to cure the imbalance. 

Estrogen deficiency: such type of hormonal imbalance paves a great way for hormone tests among menopausal women; more often in case you are slim and/or petite. Making some alterations in your diet; taking some women herbal therapies like Endosterol; and even compensating with some natural estrogen amounts might be required by some women to ease out the menopause symptoms.

Excess estrogen: In some women, most of the time the hormone tests predict excess estrogen amounts in women’s body which is resolved by letting go of the conventional synthetic hormonal supplements that are often prescribed by the physicians for women going through menopause.

Estrogen dominance: the hormone tests predict estrogen dominance when there is not enough progesterone produced to balance estrogen and its effects. Thus, lower estrogen will do you fine but in case you are suffering with lower progesterone; symptoms pertaining to estrogen dominance will suffice. Several women aged between 40 and 50 are suffering from estrogen dominance.


Hormones in men

Excess androgens: the hormone tests show excess androgens that can be caused by intake of an excess amount of sugar as well as simple carbohydrates in a male’s diet that is often seen in women too suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). 

Cortisol deficiency: the cause for the hormone tests showing Cortisol deficiency in men is often marked by tired adrenal gland that is mostly caused due to chronic stress. In cases when you are juggling between family as well as job, there are good chances that your adrenals are tired. 

Testosterone deficiency: hormone tests depict this deficiency to be the most common hormonal deficiency in men who are beyond fifty years of age. However, this hormonal deficiency can be remedied by using special nutritional as well as herbal supplements like Endosterol that aims at maintaining a good balance of the body; thereby regulating all the hormonal levels. This herbal therapy aids in metabolism and also boosts your immune system to help you fight against those alien infections.

Excess estrogen:  excess estrogen levels in men can be maintained by balancing one of the hormones exclusive to men along with adequate changes in lifestyle and diet plans. 
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Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

Affecting different aspects concerning to physiology, the cause of hormonal imbalance tends to be non-specific and varied. On suspecting the following symptoms, you should not be late in getting done with the hormone tests.

  • With the hormonal imbalance occurring in a person’s body, a person might experience anxiety, losing of appetite, insomnia and inability to concentrate.

  • Infertility also can be a result of hormonal imbalance.

  • The patients might feel that they are upset or tired after a busy or stressful week.

  • Mood swings and irritation are also common symptoms arising from the hormonal imbalance.

  • Women often experience intensity in premenstrual problems, vaginal dryness, hot flashes and yeast infections. Suffering from very painful, heavy or irregular periods might also be a symptom.

  • Physical indicators of hormonal imbalance include hair loss, sudden gaining of weight, acne, reduced libido and night sweats.

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Importance of hormone tests

Keeping your body and bodily functions under a constant tab is always a wonderful job to do. After all it’s your body that helps you when you are sick. Therefore it’s your responsibility to get the hormone tests done as soon as you find any of the above stated symptoms occurring in your system. These tests will not only help you balance your hormonal levels and ease out and relieve your symptoms but also they will help you attain a new and a healthier you!

Many people have found relief by treating the hormonal imbalance issues with herbal products like Saw palmetto. Found in products like Endosterol Saw Palmetto is renowned for its positive effects on prostrate for men apart from which it also has been used for providing relief for female disorders too. Many herbalists vouch for its effectiveness in treating infertility, menstrual irregularities, libido issues or any fluid retention and inflammatory pelvic conditions etc.

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