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Hormone Questions

Men's Health
Men's Sexual Health Issues

Hormone questions: some common hormone questions answered by the health experts; hormonal imbalance and the types of hormones in the human body. E Also know the importance of hormones.

A healthy body and a good lifestyle are not obtained just by the prevention of diseases, but it is attained by utilizing the opportunity of enjoying the life in the years each person has been bestowed with. As individuals we need to learn to listen to the warning signs shown by your body to reduce the impact. Medical care helps the body in maintaining its performance during its ageing process. But during the ageing process of the body, people undergo some normal and expected physiological changes as a result of hormonal changes in the body which raises several hormone questions.

This article will elaborate some of the more common hormone questions along with the problems people face as they age and how to prevent these problems. But you should not forget that even if you think you are healthy; you will still require a little health planning to enable you stay the same way. The top hormone questions are no more hidden. You just have to explore more!

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Experts’ take on common hormone questions

Below listed is a list of some common hormone questions answered by health experts:

  • What are hormones?

    This is the most basic among the hormone questions. Hormones are substances in the bloodstream which act as messengers that coordinate functions of the body. Most of the hormones perform their role unobtrusively, so you never pay heed to them. However, hormones attract attention only when they start acting up.

  • Why are so many problems associated with hormones?

    This is one of the most frequently asked among the hormone questions. Hormones help in preventing more problems than solving. Female hormones are responsible for the development of the female body into an adult during puberty and making it possible for continuing the reproductive cycle. They play a key role in the forming of personality and giving a woman longer lifespan as compared to men. Since hormones have such various effects, it is possible that they affect one part of your body positively while some other part of your body negatively. Also the levels of hormones in the body keep fluctuating and this may result in making the body chemistry unstable and uncomfortable.

  • What are the significant problems each hormone can cause?

    Another favorite question asked among the hormone questions, the answer to this describes the problems women face due to each hormone. High levels of estrogen can cause breast discomfort and nausea. Low levels may result in symptoms associated with menopause such as insomnia, skin discomfort, hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, low mood and others. Large fluctuations happening in estrogen are very common and might cause feeling sick and mood swings. Progesterone however has a complicated impact on mood. It is found to calm some women and agitating others. Testosterone aids in the growth of bones and enhancing sex drive but it can also result in sprouting acne in women, increased body and facial hair as well as hair loss in most females.

  • What are the hormone problems faced by men?

    Among the several hormone questions, this one is the most frequently asked by men. In men, the simplicity of the reproductive system results in constant hormone levels since all they require doing is the stimulation of developing the sperm. In women, however, the release of an egg every month requires a complicated hormonal shift pattern which can at times be highly uncomfortable. The other variation lies in the age at which hormonal problems start occurring. When men face hormonal problems, it happens usually in their forties or later but as far as women are concerned, they can start facing problems with their hormones even in their teen years.


Hormonal imbalance and the types of hormones

Hormonal imbalances can occur in both women and men belonging to any age group, although it is observed most commonly in adults who have crossed their middle ages. There are times when the delicate management of balancing hormones gets disrupted which brings several hormone questions to the mind. The primary hormones ruling the human endocrine system are:

  • Estrogen- Sexual characteristics in women that are secondary are developed by this hormone such as the breasts. It is also responsible for the thickening of the endometrial walls as well as balancing the menstrual cycles.

  • Progesterone- It helps in preparing the body for pregnancy and conception and also regulates the monthly menstrual cycle. It also is responsible in playing a key role in sexual desire.

  • Testosterone- Testosterone aids in the development of reproductive tissues in a male such as the prostate and the testes along with promoting secondary sexual features like increased bone and muscle mass and the body hair growth.

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Importance of hormones

Playing significant responsibilities in so many different body processes like reproduction, cell repair, growth, fertility, appetite, metabolism, and regulating pain; hormones are the master substances driving the whole body. Hormonal imbalance in the system paves the way and makes the person curious regarding several hormone questions that come to the mind.

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