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Female Libido

Improving Female Libido
Enhancing Libido

Female Libido: Meaning Of Female Libido; Lack Of Libido In Women And Its Causes; Some Common Female Libido Killers; And How To Enhance Your Libido!

Do you feel that living with your spouse is more as if you are living with a roommate? Do you feel that it has been years since you experienced some, soul inspiring, body exploding sexual intimacy with your loved one? There might be chances that living together for many years evades away the needed spark you two once possessed, especially for females.

Increasing the female libido in marriage or when you had been together with your partner for years, can prove to be a daunting job. But you need not fear as getting sexually aroused is just a few steps away from you! This article is going to help you in locating and increasing that elusive female libido that will make you and your partner successful in bringing the intimacy back into your relationship.

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Lack of libido in women and the causes

By libido, it means the sexual desire or drive for sexual activity. The sexual desire is a significant aspect of a person, although it varies enormously depending on people. It also varies drastically depending on situations, circumstances and even surroundings at a particular time. Female libido has usually social, biological and psychological components. Social factors include family and work. Biologically, the levels of hormones like estrogen or testosterone affect sexual drive; as do many other psychological causes, such as stress and personality. Female libido may also be greatly affected by medical problems, relationship issues, medications and lifestyle.

A general drive for sex proves to be an important motivator leading to the maintenance and formation of intimate relationships including both women as well as men, whereas a loss or lack of sexual intimacy can have adverse consequences on a relationship. While this issue affects both men and women, women are majorly affected by low sexual desires and an impacted female libido.


Some common female libido killers

The most common female libido killers include relationship problems, stress, physical injuries, children, or illness. Female libido is very much fragile sometimes and also relies on several human aspects such as spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

Psychological killers

  • Stress: stress is a common factor that engulfs many lives in its pangs, but the moment it starts affecting the female libido, it should be considered as a problem. Just notice if your lady is tired or stressed out and give her a good message to help her ease.

  • Confidence: another leading cause for killing female libido is low confidence. The bad image of oneself and weight issues tops the list. Such women will want the lights off and usually won’t undress fully in front of you. As a solution, you should find what you love in her including her body, and express yourself how wonderful she is!

  • Anxiety: another killer of female libido, anxiety may arise for many reasons such as a rape or a childhood abuse. It is a tragic reason affecting not only your sex life, but also her entire life. Although a good communication can effectively handle and eventually resolve such problems.

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Physical health problems

  • Lack of physical activity: women exercising regularly have a high sexual drive and experience lesser pain in their periods. Enhance your sex drive by deserting the burger and cola thereby avoiding such female libido killers.

  • Poor diet: Diet is a big factor for painful periods, affecting adversely your overall health and happiness. A woman’s diet might be a cause hindering her to feel her best, so being watchful in what is going in will help in determining what her body is dishing out.

Birth control

The pills used widely by women today as a contraceptive method controls the hormones of the body artificially for preventing pregnancy. The good part is that you know that she won’t get pregnant and feeling liberated and encouraging. The bad part is the pill can prove very destructive for a female’s libido. 

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Enhance the libido!

Your first step being a good spouse is to define the problem and its probable causes. Whether it is the overuse of burgers and fries or the overuse of ecstatic factors; everything that goes inside the body affects it, along with the sex drive.

Testosterone is instrumental in supporting healthy libido and decline in it can be a reason for low libido. If hormonal issues are the reason for low libido, then herbal therapy supplement like Endosterol which is considered to be a womens' supplement par excellence can definitely be quite beneficial in the long run as the ingredient saw palmetto in it is quite renowned for its positive contribution towards female disorders including low libido. Apart from which Endosterol also has the main ingredient as Beta Sitosterol which is beneficial for enhancing Womens' Testosterone Levels. Beta sitosterol  is extracted from the berries of saw palmetto and Optimum deployment of testosterone is supported by Beta Sitosterol.

As long as the woman is concerned; in case you think that you have a boring sex life, take the initiative and tell him. You have to be honest and do not forget to phrase it in a positive way. You must be able to let your partner know what you want in your sex life and how you want it to be. In all cases, you should never expect your partner to be a reader of your mind who will creatively know by himself what you find pleasurable! 

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