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Facts About Menopause

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Menopause refers to the condition in a woman’s reproductive system when menstrual periods are skipped or absent for a period of 12 months. The menopause transition starts with varying length of the menstrual cycle and ending gradually with the final menstrual period. Perimenopause is the term which means "the time around the period of menopause”. This article will elaborate on some myths and facts about menopause along with its common symptoms that women go through. Although menopause has not been declared an official medical term, it is used quite often to explain the various aspects of the transition of menopause in layman language. Postmenopause is referred to the time that begins after the last menstrual period experienced.

Most of the women today get curious about different facts about menopause as they reach their forties. Menopause is a biologically and naturally occurring process, and it is definitely not any type of medical disorder. This is one of the facts about menopause that many women mistake of. However, the physical and emotional symptoms of menopause can deprive you of your sleep, suck your life and even cause triggering of weird feelings of sadness and loss.

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Facts about menopause

Some interesting facts about menopause are stated as below:

  • One of the leading among the many facts about menopause is that after ten years have passed Postmenopause, women are as much prone to heart attack risks as men. Although, women can safeguard themselves from heart diseases by eating a healthy diet, not smoking and exercising regularly.

  • Another popular fact among the several facts about menopause is that Osteoporosis which is a condition of the bones when they become brittle, thin and can fracture easily, affects 25% women after their menopause.

  • A diet rich in soy products has been revealed in some researches to decrease hot flashes experienced in postmenopausal time. 

  • Fertility gradually decreases with approaching menopause.

Symptoms of menopause

Stated below are some of the signs and symptoms related to the facts about menopause. Truly speaking, menopause has not been attained until a year has passed since you had your last period. You might experience the below mentioned symptoms though in that duration:

  • Having irregular periods

  • Experiencing decrease in fertility

  • Vaginal dryness

  • Disturbances while sleeping

  • Increase in fat near the abdominal area

  • Hot flashes

  • Mood swings

  • Loss of fullness in the breasts

  • Hair thinning

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You should schedule regular visits to the family doctor in order to gain more knowledge into the facts about menopause and other intricate details concerning menopause during the months before the menopause time (called as Perimenopause) and also the time after menopause (called as Postmenopause) so that preventive measures can be taken for your proper health care as well as ruling out the treatment options for the associated medical conditions that often surface along with aging.

In case you have skipped your periods and you are uncertain regarding the beginning of the menopause transition, have a quick word with your doctor to determine the probability of you being pregnant. Always seek medical consultation to know the facts about menopause and related complications.


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Have a healthy menopause with these quick tips

Continue reading the article to know some quick facts about menopause that will let you effectively beat the menopausal stress and dig into all the facts about menopause related to mood swings. Preventive actions and steps adopted will go a long way in relieving menopause symptoms.

  • Converse and socialize as much as possible with friends, family or distant people. Opting for counseling sessions so that you can talk about your fears and problems can also be done.

  • Try as much as you can, to avoid alcohol or any sort of physical activity, large meals or caffeine before bed.

  • Try getting proper sleep. Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day will also help. Keep your room dark and cool. Make sure you use your bed just for sex and sleeping.

  • Being active and energized along with doing some physical exercises for 30minutes a day will do the needful.

  • Consult and ask your physician regarding medications and herbal supplements like Endosterol that aids in relieving the hormonal imbalance problems and menopausal symptoms. Hormone therapy for menopause can go a long way in reducing the symptoms largely that might be causing mood swings. Antidepressants also might be of great help.

  • Listening to music and looking for positive energy to set yourself free and unwind truly, will ease and de-stress you. Try relaxation techniques like reading a book, or spending quality time outdoors.

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