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Ellagic Acid



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Ellagic Acid: How This Natural Antioxidant Aids In Several Health Benefits; The Natural Herbs And Food That Contains This Acid As Well As Any Possible Problems Or Complications Of Its Dosage And Use.

A natural phenol having antioxidant properties, Acid Ellagic can be found in many vegetables and fruits. The antioxidant and anti-proliferative properties of Acid Ellagic has stirred the very domains of chemical research and have led the researchers to dive into the realms of the benefits of the consumption of Ellagic acid.

Popularly found in the species of the oak trees such as the red European oak tree and the white North American oak tree, green algae, and also in some mushroom species; in food Ellagic acid sources usually include cranberries, blackberries, pomegranates, pecans, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, grapes and walnuts.

A regular intake of such fruits and vegetables is recommended for a healthier and balanced lifestyle as well as for a healthy body. These natural herbs and fruits are not only safe in consumption but also promote other health benefits.

Health Benefits of Ellagic acid

Due to the anti proliferative properties exhibited by Acid Ellagic, it has the ability to inherit directly the binding of DNA of some carcinogens. Similar to other poly phenol antioxidants, Acid Ellagic has the property of chemo protection in cellular occurring models by reduction in oxidative stress.

Such beneficial properties of Ellagic Acid has paved the way and opened the doors to research into the health benefits of Ellagic acid and its uses. A study about Ellagic Acid portrays that pomegranate juice, which has high amounts of the acid, when given to certain patients, reduced their blood pressure as well as the wall thickness of their carotid arteries. Another controlled study about patients suffering from prostate cancer and undergoing chemotherapy suggested that Ellagic Acid supplementation reduced the level of the associated neutropenia with chemotherapy.

In spite of the preliminary round of researches in the benefits of Ellagic acid, it is widely supplemented and claims to be beneficial in heart diseases and cancer. Researches on animals show that Ellagic Acid can possibly slow the growth of cancerous tumors. It is also believed to cure birth defects, promote wound healing and aid in liver problems.

Ellagic Acid Side Effects

Though the consumption of fruits and vegetables including raspberries, cranberries, peaches, pomegranate is highly recommended for a well nutritive and balanced diet taken each day, the supplements of Ellagic Acid, if not taken in moderation or under medical supervision may interfere with the enzymes produced in the liver that could inhibit the way in which some medicines are absorbed in the liver.

Hence the people on other dietary supplements should consult their doctors before taking Ellagic acid supplements. The leaves of raspberries and the preparations made from them must be consumed with caution since they might initiate labor pains in pregnant women. Although it is strictly advised not to rely only on this natural acid and to take proper medication as well as undergo medical treatments under the supervision of a medical practitioner for cancer and its cure.

Cancer and Ellagic Acid

Probably the most dreaded disease, cancer is usually associated with a grief stricken and painful life. But the advancement in the medicine and technology domain has found a solution and cured many lives fighting with this dreadful disease. Ellagic acid and cancer are often associated because of the numerous medicinal benefits and the anti-cancerous properties of the acid.

Ellagic Acid is a powerful antioxidant as well as a potential anti carcinogen that offers protection to the tissues and cells against radical free damage. A strong anti bacterial and anti viral agent, Ellagic Acid has the unique capability of inhibiting mutations within the DNA of cells. Following guidelines below along with a safe consumption of Ellagic acid in your daily diet routine will help you in preventing the deadly disease:

  • Consumption of a varied and nutritious diet

  • Cutting down on the total intake of fatty foods

  • Maintaining a desirable and balanced body weight

  • Including different kinds of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet routines

  • Eating of high fiber food such as beans, legumes, whole grain cereals and fruits

  • Eliminating and avoiding preserved foods

  • Cutting down or eliminating consumption of alcohol

Such measures taken properly can aid in preventing the risk of encountering a deadly disease as cancer!

In addition to that, Endosterol is a high end supplement that contains adequate amounts of Ellagic Acid that will boost your immune system and promote a healthier lifestyle. It will not only be beneficial for your health but also will provide you essential nutrients that will keep you healthy and relieved all your life!

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