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Elevated PSA

Prostate Cancer
Cause Of Elevated PSA

Elevated PSA: what is PSA? What are the factors responsible for an elevated PSA? What tests can be done to screen elevated PSA? What are the effects of an elevated PSA?

PSA, a protein produced by the epithelial cells in the prostate gland is responsible to keep the male semen in liquid form. Some PSA might also escape into the blood of the men. Hence the PSA levels in a man can be detected by a blood test. In case the PSA levels in a man are high, it is an alarming indication of prostate cancer or some kind of abnormal prostate condition.

The production of male hormones also affects the production of PSA in men. Hence the medications taken for affecting the hormones might also be responsible for elevated PSA levels in men. Several men each year are reported to have an elevated PSA after going through a routine PSA screening test. The most significant and most critical reason behind an elevated PSA is prostate cancer. Although prostate cancer is considered as one among the several potential causes leading to an elevated PSA. Virtually speaking, any condition that results in irritating the prostate gland will cause the PSA levels to rise.

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Potential factors and causes for an elevated PSA

  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) - This benign condition is most of the times referred to as “enlarged prostate”. Mostly arising in men in their older years, this condition postulates no risk of sprawling throughout the system.

  • Prostatitis- is a disorder when you experience inflammation in the prostate gland due to some infection. This condition might also lead to an elevated PSA.

  • Prostate biopsy- men who have undergone biopsy of the prostate gland will usually get elevated PSA levels. Due to this reason, most surgeons will take blood samples for PSA diagnosis before performing the prostate biopsy.

  • Recent ejaculation- the ejection of semen from a man’s penis can also be a reason behind an elevated PSA level. Hence due to this reason, most of the doctors recommend to avoid any sort of sexual activity before you are going to take the PSA test.

  • Digital rectal examination (DRE) - digital rectal examination may also be a factor in causing an elevated PSA level. Therefore, for the PSA diagnosis, blood samples are usually drawn before this exam.

  • Bicycle riding- Some studies suggests that strenuous riding of bicycles can mildly increase the PSA levels temporarily. Avoidance of this activity for a couple of days is suggested before undergoing the PSA blood test.


Test performed to keep a check on your PSA levels

Prostate specific antigen, in short called PSA, is a protein enzyme produced by epithelial cells belonging to the prostate gland. The PSA blood test determines the amount of PSA in a man’s blood sample. For this diagnosis, a blood sample is taken from the patient and given to a laboratory for proper analysis. The reports of the test contain nanograms of PSA per milliliter (ng/mL) of the blood which determines if you have an elevated PSA or not.
No matter what your age or PSA level is, your physician will conduct a DRE (Digital Rectal Examination) so that he can detect any sorts of abnormalities in the prostate. The PSA and DRE tests are complimentary to each other and are always performed together. If you have an elevated PSA, then your physician will likely proceed with a diagnostic test to determine the reason and cause behind your elevated PSA. The only diagnostic test which portrays a definite diagnosis is prostate biopsy as explained in the article above.

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In case your PSA is moderately elevated and you are in your healthy and younger ages, as well as you don’t have a genetic history of prostate problems, then your physician will probably as you to wait and undergo a rechecking of your PSA level. On a retest of the PSA levels, the PSA should be returning to normal stage in case it was elevated temporarily due to other conditions.

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Prevention of such disorders, rather than reaching up to a stage when such kind of conditions become intolerable, is easier. It is better to incorporate a healthy lifestyle and Managing of elevated PSA is possible with medicines that are either alpha blockers or 5 alpha reductase inhibitors. Herbs like Beta sitosterol and saw palmetto along with other herbs can be highly beneficial in maintaining a balance of hormones in your body and providing you a healthy life. A supplement such as Endosterol which contains the above stated extracts is recommended to provide you an easy going and happy life!

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