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Does Estradiol Cause Hair Loss

Estradiol Hormone
Estradiol Side Effects

Does estradiol cause hair loss: what is estradiol? Know about the production of this hormone in the human body and its effects; the adverse effects of estradiol and its role in hair loss.

A significant form of estrogen and an important female hormone that regulates many human body processes, Estradiol has found many uses namely for the treatment of several medical conditions such as vaginal dryness and genital parts irritation, treating menopausal symptoms as well as preventing osteoporosis.

Estradiol also finds good use in treating some cancers. Like most medication drugs, estradiol may also cause certain side effects, including unwanted hair growth. Researchers have been pondering over the question does estradiol cause hair loss and have put forth several studies proving the relationship that exist between estradiol and hair loss. Read more to know does estradiol cause hair loss?


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An important question is often asked by patients taking estradiol supplements or who are suffering from high levels of Estradiol in their body which is - does estradiol cause hair loss? Estradiol can also be found in men, since it is an active metabolically stabilized product of the male hormone testosterone.

Estradiol not only leaves a crucial impact on sexual and reproductive functioning, but also it affects other delicate organs, inclusive of the bones.
Find the answer to the question does estradiol cause hair loss in this article. Estrogen impacts the rate with which skin cell multiplication takes place in animals and humans. Alsoresponsible for controlling the activity and size of the skin’s sebaceous glands and oil secreting glands found in the hair follicles, Estradiol impacts hair growth too. Estrogens, estradiol in particular, also control the production of other hormones which affect hair simulation and growth, that includes the testosterone levels found in the hair follicle.


Effects of estradiol

Studies suggest that the answer to the question does estradiol causes hair loss will depend from individual to individual and also the other medications he is taking.Estradiolbased medications and treatments arrive in several kinds, affecting hair growth in various ways. For instance, Estradiol Valerate, Estradiol Acetate and Estradiol Cypionate may lead hair growth in new places, although it may cause hair loss or thinning. Topical applications made from estradiol can also cause hair thinning on and around the place of treatment. Hence answering the question does estradiol cause hair loss?

  • Female reproduction- In the females, estradiol promotes the growth of tissuesbelonging to the reproductive organs.

  • Sexual development- The development and growth of secondary sexual features in women is done by estrogens, in particular, estradiol. Fat structure as well as skin composition is modified by estradiol hence answering the question does estradiol cause hair loss?

  • Male reproduction- Several studies show that sperm count decline in several parts of the world, giving exposure to estrogen in the environment to be the postulated cause.

  • Hair growth- some studies conducted on mice suggest that exposure to estrogen in men reduces hair growth and lead to hair fall. Does estradiol cause hair loss and promote male pattern baldness is answered now. The more the level of estradiol in a man’s system, the lesser will be testosterone levels.

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Considerations to keep in mind

More insight into the fact does estradiol cause hair loss? While estradiol medications can cause unlikely hair loss in women moving them towards menopause and other similar conditions, they can however arrest hair loss in other women. According to research conducted by American Association of Hair Loss, hormone replacement therapiesare common systemic treatments for women ailing from androgenic or male pattern baldness. These women suffer from comparatively lower levels of estrogen and progesterone, or sufficiently higheramounts of male hormones, suffering thinning or baldness because of this imbalance. Hence if you ask does estradiol cause hair loss, the answer would be yes in some women it does cause hair loss because of not enough production of the female hormones like estradiol.

Estradiol inhibits growth of hair in mice when it is applied to the skin, even in extremely low doses, scientists suggest. The hormone is responsible for preventing the hair follicle development from the resting phase towards the growing phase. Does estradiol cause hair loss or unwanted hair growth is an irritating fact, but naturally harmless, side effect arising from estradiol. Women consuming this drug must contact their physicians immediately in case the side effects of the medication also include swelling around the mouth, face or tongue, lumps felt in the breast, vision or speech changes, vomiting or severe headache. Such kinds of serious reactions for estradiol though are rare, but can prove very dangerous.

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It is beneficial, sometimes, to take herbal therapies and estrogen therapy for women suffering from breast cancer and for men suffering from advanced prostate cancer as products like Endosterol balances your metabolic rate and provides nourishment to cater to your healthy lifestyle and relieving some symptoms.

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