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Common Women Health Issues

Breast Cancer
Autoimmunity Disorder

Common women health issues: some common health problems associated and dealt by women; how to deal with those issues and prevent them from occurring? Also know how to tackle and deal with depression!

Life without the common women health issues would have been in an ideal harmony for women. While there have never been any lifetime guarantees, sufficient scientific research conducted has made healthy and longer living a possibility.

To help the women take care of their health and tackle the common women health issues, this article provides you with an overview of five medical disorders that are of immense concern for the women today: heart disease, osteoporosis, breast cancer, autoimmune diseases and depression. After looking through the risk factors responsible for each condition, the article states the expert’s opinion about what women today could do to prevent these common women health issues.

Women today should be encouraged to be in charge of their own health. They need to work in close collaboration with their doctors to find out the medical history of their family, educate themselves on serious and common women health issues, as well as pay attention to their bodies. The woman should know what makes her feel good, and when she is not feeling well. The complete Understanding of your own body is the key to tackle the common women health issues discussed in the article further!

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Heart disease

One of the most common women health issues, heart problems are the greatest killer of both women and men. In women, however this condition has been responsible for around 29% of deaths increasing with age. The risk factors associated with heart diseases include:

  • Male sex

  • Heredity

  • Smoking

  • High cholesterol in blood

  • High blood pressure

  • Physical inactivity

  • Obesity or overweight

  • Diabetes




Another condition among common women health issues, osteoporosis is characterized by back pain, hunched backs and frailty that is often experienced by older women. There are many preventive steps girls and women can follow to avoid such conditions. It is never too late in keeping your bones strong and avoiding fractures as far as possible. Risk factors for osteoporosis are:

  • Female sex

  • Increasing age

  • Ethnicity

  • Family history

  • Sex hormones. Irregular menstrual cycles along with estrogen loss due to menopause may also increase risk.

  • Anorexia

  • Daily diet low in calcium levels and vitamin D

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Smoking

  • Excessive alcohol

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Breast cancer

One of the leading disorders in women among the many common women health issues is breast cancer. Considered to be a malignant tumor (when a number of cancer cells get collected), Breast cancer is caused in the breast cells. Although predominantly occurring in women, breast cancer can also affect many men.

  • The most common form of cancer found in American women today is Breast cancer.

  • Breast cancer and hormones have a close relationship as hormones like estrogen might worsen the cancer cells.

  • Several kinds of breast cancer exist differing in the capability and capacity of spreading (metastasize) to the other body organs and tissues.

  • The causes pertaining to breast cancer have not been known fully although many risk factors have been explored and identified.

  • The diagnosis of Breast cancer can be done with the help of the physician as well as self-examining of the breasts, ultrasound testing, mammography and biopsy.

  • Treatment and cure of breast cancer depend upon the type of cancer and the stage it is in (how much it has spread in your body).

Autoimmune disease

Autoimmunity disorder is among the most common women health issues when the protective immune system of the body starts fighting and destroying the useful and healthy body tissues and cells, mistakenly considering them as harmful pathogens. Autoimmune diseases in women are a major issue of concern and are considered as the underlying root cause of many chronic illnesses.

Autoimmune diseases in women are very common these days affecting approximately 75 percent of the women population today. An autoimmune disease can affect any human body organ including the nervous system, gastrointestinal path, endocrine system as well as connective tissues such as blood vessels, blood and eyes. In all these scenarios, the immune system of the body misinterprets the signals and start destroying those organs it was destined to protect.

Immune System

Depression in women

Depression, another condition that is among common women health issues, widely found in women, appears to be affecting more women as compared to men. Women demand a bond or a connection with others in their lives. They need sustenance. And when they don't get it, they go into depression.
Sometimes, even hormonal changes are responsible in triggering this issue, particularly after woman’s pregnancy or when she is undergoing menopause.
In order to reduce the risk of depression, it is recommended that you should find a reason to wake up in the morning. Things like pets, work, community, volunteering and love can be essentially good reasons to keep you feel alive and vibrant all the time.

Besides these factors, you should also change your lifestyle habits, making way to an active life, eating healthy foods and taking herbal supplements that will freshen up your mood, help you tackle common women health issues as well as boost your immune system. Endosterol is one such good example!

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