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Liver Detoxification

Coffee cleanse: how to cleanse using coffee? The related instructions along with some warnings and tips; and all you need to know about coffee enema.
Coffee cleanse refers to the process of cleaning your colon at a hospital or a clinic or by making and using enemas at home in order to place coffee or water inside the large intestine. A coffee cleanse creates enhanced bowel movement and also thoroughly clean the colon.

As an alternative method to the medical practice, some people even use coffee to promote the function of the liver to produce bile called coffee cleanse. All types of colon cleansing aim at removing waste out of the colon so that it does not store the waste and instead create toxicity in the system. Cleansing of the colon by performing coffee cleanse might relieve constipation sometimes, promote speedy weight loss and even improve absorption and digestion of food nutrients. A coffee cleanse can be easily done at home too.

How to prepare a coffee cleanse?

Read the instructions explained below to perform colon cleansing by preparing a coffee cleanse at home:


Things you will need:

  • Organic vinegar preferably apple cider

  • Organic ground beans of coffee

  • Distilled or Filtered water

  • Coffee press or Coffee maker

  • Enema bag

  • Hydrogen peroxide or Bleach

  • Live culture yogurt or Probiotics


  • Avoid consuming animal protein that might include meat, eggs, dairy and poultry before your coffee cleanse. Also a reduction in consumption of refined sugar foods and fried foods is recommended. Such measures make the cleansing job easier to complete.

  • Brew around 12 coffee cups in a coffee press or use a coffee maker and add two tablespoons of well ground organic coffee for each cup of coffee. Make sure you use distilled or filtered water. Let the coffee extract cool down.

  • Cleaning the enema bag is an essential step. You can do that by filtering it with water and adding two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to clean it. Run it through clean water and clean the tubing many times before using.

  • Now fill the enema bag with one part of the coffee extract made earlier and two parts of distilled or filtered water. Make sure to use olive oil or another food using oil for moistening enema bag tip before inserting the bag into the anus. Empty all the contents slowly out of the bag. Sit down on the toilet and let the waste pass.

  • Keep repeating the enemas for five or six rounds. Then it will be equivalent to a professional coffee cleanse provided in a hospital. Be sure that you clean the enema bag and also its tubing after you complete each round. After you are done with the final round, take a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide or bleach and water and clean the enema bag and its tubing before you store it for your next use.


Points to keep in mind

  • Different kinds of coffee are said to aid in cleansing and stimulating different internal organs of the body. For instance, Colombian coffee is considered as very good for cleansing the heart and stomach, likewise Mexican coffee is considered to be very good for cleansing of the pineal gland.

  • Eating live yogurt along with cultures like Probiotics or acidophilus bacillus will feed the good and beneficial bacteria present in the gut.

  • However in case you have a family medical history of colon cancer, diverticulitis, leaking gut syndrome or irritable bowel, it is recommended to consult your doctor before going for a coffee cleanse. Pregnant ladies or those suffering from a history of eating problems should also consult with their physicians before taking a coffee cleanse.

Coffee cleanse can greatly help in rapidly removing the toxins from the liver. often providing quick relief from the symptoms such as fatigue, feeling sleepy, having headaches, or even an unhealthy feeling, a coffee cleanse go a long way in making you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Addition of herbs and herbal supplements like Glytamins in the coffee cleanse can also aid in providing relief. They also reduce spasms, pain in chest, heart and throat.

Even though a coffee cleanse flushes the toxins out of the liver, the process is substantially stressful to the colon and the liver and should be used seldom.  Once you notice proper functioning of the liver, there will be little or no side-effect.

Colon cleansing when performed by using coffee is just one of the many options that you have when it comes to thoroughly cleansing your colon. You may also try all other options and methods as prescribed by your physician especially if you don’t like this beverage.

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