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Causes for Enlarged Kidney

Enlarged Kidney in Babies
Enlarged Kidney Treatment

Causes for enlarged kidney: what is an enlarged kidney? How can you detect if your kidneys have enlarged? Also know about the various causes that might lead to an enlarged or a swollen kidney along with the probable symptoms and treatment options.

An enlarged kidney resembles polycystic disease of the kidneys that is a genetic disorder in which many cysts develop within the kidneys. Because of the development of the cysts, blockages are caused that results in a fluid buildup, and this buildup results in infection and is one of the main causes for enlarged kidney.

A noninvasive procedure such as an ultrasound can determine the shape and size of the kidneys. Several different conditions can prove to be the responsible causes for enlarged kidney and ultrasound is a beneficial procedure for the finding of such changes. Although some of the conditions may be involving only one of your kidney, others may be responsible for causing bilateral changes. In order to make a differentiation as to which condition is behind the causes for enlarged kidney, the physician often requires the history of the patient and other diagnostics like urine and blood in addition to the ultrasound results.

Symptoms of enlarged kidneys

If you experience any or some of the following symptoms, then possibly you are suffering from enlarged kidneys and you need to consult a doctor before it’s too late.

  • The most common signs and symptoms pertaining to polycystic kidney disorder are hypertension, mostly called as high blood pressure and getting blood in your urine. Blockage in your kidneys will prevent blood from reaching the kidneys like it should. Upon sensing that the kidneys are not able to receive enough blood, the circulatory system increases the heart rate, hence pumping more and more blood leading to the problem of high blood pressure.

  • The major function of the kidneys is the excretion of urine out of the system, and in conditions when the kidneys are blocked with blood, then little blood might show up in your urine too.

  • Back Pain- due to the causes for enlarged kidney, the pressure on the abdominal cavity as well as the back increases. Because of this reason, more severe signs of polycystic kidney disorder include pains and abdominal cramps, in addition to a severe back pain. Usually, it is the back pain followed by abdominal pain that indicates the causes for enlarged kidney.

  • Kidney Stones- causes for enlarged kidney disease has distinct characterization depicted by renal stones or renal failure. Kidney infections causing abdominal pain as well as pain experienced during urination is also possible.

Immune System

Causes that lead to enlarged kidneys


Some of the common causes for enlarged kidney are listed below:

  • Polycystic Kidney Disorder- is a disorder in which several cysts grow in the kidneys, leading to enlargement in the kidneys. Mostly this disorder affects both the kidneys. Continuous growth of the cysts begins interference with the natural functionality of the kidneys and can gradually cut off the supply of blood to the kidneys.

  • Hydronephrosis-on of the significant causes for enlarged kidney, this is a disorder which occurs in conditions when the urethra gets blocked, mostly because of kidney stones. The disorder occurs mostly because of another disorder. Blockage occurring in the tube of urethra might cause urine to flow back up towards the kidney and lead to swelling.

  • Renal Cell Cancer- another one of the important causes for enlarged kidney, kidney cell cancer spreads into the small tubules of the kidney that help in sifting of blood and removal of excessive toxins and waste. This condition develops a tumor with time, which can be an exhilarating factor for the enlargement of the kidneys.


Treatment for enlarged kidneys


In most of the causes for enlarged kidney, doctors choose the treatments to cure the symptoms rather than removing the cysts. Because of the fact that functions of the kidneys can be regulated by proper medication and diet as well as by certain herbal therapies like Glytamins which ca n help symptoms, and since numerous cysts have formed over the time, removal of the cysts is hardly an option.


A doctor will usually opt in treating the symptoms and risk factors, and then will choose to keep a vigilant eye on the performance of the kidneys along with how the patient is progressing. It is mandatory to have a grasp and control over the kidney infections so that the causes for enlarged kidney do not let other organs suffer.


Moreover, in certain extreme cases there might be a necessity to remove excess waste from the bloodstream through dialysis, or in cases when dialysis fail to be effective, then removal of the kidneys or going for kidney transplantation would be essential. A transplant is usually required in cases when both the kidneys get affected, or in case the patient is left with only one kidney and that too has got enlarged.

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