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Can Men Produce Estrogen

Estrogen Balance
Men and Estrogen Levels

Can men produce Estrogen: an article on the female hormone called estrogen and its relationship with a man; some facts and dangers associated with high estrogen in men and tips on how to decrease estrogen levels in men?

Ahormone comprising of a group of hormones namely estriol, estradiol and estrone; estrogen is the key sex hormone in females and very essential to the female menstrual cycle. Although there are levels of estrogen existing both in women as well as men, it is mostly found in larger amounts in women, mostly those having the capability of reproducing. Therefore, the answer to the question “can men produce estrogen” is yes.

Estrogen is a contributing hormone to the growth of secondary sexual characteristics, considered to be the defining differences between women and men that have no relation with the reproductive system. The question can men produce estrogen had been the topic of many discussions because of this reason. In women, such features include breasts, a broad pelvis, and enhanced quantity of body fat in the areas of hip,buttock and thigh region. Estrogen also is a determining factor that women possess smoother skin and lesser facial hair than men.


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Men and estrogen

Further, you will get the answer to the question- can men produce estrogen? Also read to know the relationship of men with the hormone estrogen.
You might be unable to think about it, but the fact can men produce estrogen is true and that estrogen in men is an essential hormone for attaining hormonal balance is little known. However, levels of estrogen hormone need to be limited, as high levels of estrogen in males can result in serious health disorders.

It is a serious issue that every man should know that the analogy can men produce estrogen is true. Because of such dangers your physician may require to decrease levels of estrogen and also perform some evaluation for the reason of you having high estrogen amounts. The key solution is controlling the estrogen levels in men, which can otherwise wreak havoc on a male’s ability to lose weight,gain lean muscular mass, and keep thesexual libido up.



Some useful facts:

  • The body of a man requires a small quantity of estrogen just as the body of a woman needs a small quantity of testosterone.The answer to can men produce estrogen is yes.

  • Excess amount of estrogen in malesis unhealthy. It reduces the effects of testosterone, causing retention of water in the body. It can even cause the swelling in the prostate and increase the risk to developprostate cancer.

  • Earlier, scientists were unaware of the fact that can men produce estrogen is true. When testosterone gets converted to estrogen it increases the risk of prostate conditions.

  • Can men produce estrogen become truer when men start aging and their hormones decline? Men tend to be involved in more sedentary tasks, which allow fat accumulation in the body, typically belly fat. Fat also contains an enzyme known as aromatase, which also aids in the conversion of testosterone hormone to estrogen.

  • As men age, the amounts of estrogen in the gland of prostate increases. Hence affirming the question- can men produce estrogen?


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Decrease estrogen levels in men

  • Drinking 2-3 cups of green tea per day will lower estrogen levels as per the studies. The researchers have suggested the green tea to act as a reducing agent of the circulating quantities of estrogen in the system, thus leaving it useless.

  • Avoid drinking from plastic containers.

  • Start the consumption of broccoli every day. It is the most potential anti-estrogen supplement. It acts as a detoxifying agent, and helps the body in the processing of estrogen rather than your kidneys.

  • Can men produce estrogen? Yes they do. But keeping it within the acceptable limit is the key by eating a healthy diet.

  • Lose fat. Each fatty cell in the body is a hosting organism for estrogen.

  • Lower estrogen levels with specific supplements that target the balancing of hormones in your body such as Endosterol.

  • Start your daily intake of nuts. Almonds and nuts, among others, have proved to provide favorable enhancement in testosterone levels. More testosterone will mean lesser estrogen.

  • Increase the intake of dietary fiber which will help in lowering your estrogen quantities because of the fact that regular bowel movements remove excessive levels of estrogen out of the body.

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Simply putting, the question- can men produce estrogen, has got its answer now. Men do produce estrogen, but the amount of estrogen produced by a man’s system should be leveled, otherwise it can prove very harmful for his health as well as for his appearance. Endosterol has herbs in it that help to balance hormone levels in both men and women.

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