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Cadmium Related Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Risk
Cadmium and Prostate Cancer

Cadmium related prostate cancer: role of cadmium in increasing the risk of prostate cancer; the probable causes of exposure to cadmium and an analogy on whether the prostate cancer be cured?

Prostate is a male reproductive gland and when it develops cancerous cells; it gets affected by prostate cancer. Found at the base side of the urinary bladder and in front of the rectum, the prostate gland is an exocrine gland. An exocrine gland is a gland in the human body which secretes outside the body. Prostate cancer is a disease affecting large number of male populations who are typically in their mid ages. Prostate gland is about the size of a walnut.

Cadmium is a significant element used for tracking purposes, which means that only a little is required by the human body. Similar to Cadmium, Zinc is also found in high amounts in the prostate gland in men. Prostate cancer is believed to be the third most commonly occurring cause of cancer deaths in males in the United States. The role of cadmium in causing, treating or preventing prostate cancer is still under speculations and controversial.


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How can cadmium increase the risk of prostate cancer?

Although cadmium has been a well known carcinogen, researchers state that its link with Cadmium & prostate cancer has not been specifically established. However, it is also stated that the significance of cadmium and zinc supplements do need further research.

When consumed in doses consisting of more than 100 mg per day, cadmium might increase rather than helping to decrease the chances and risk of developing prostate cancer. However, doses within 100 mg per day did not increase the chances of prostate cancer, but higher doses, especially if consumed for more than 10 years, doubled the risk factors.

Studies suggest that obtaining enough zinc supplies from diet appears to be beneficial to the prostate, which is composed of more zinc as compared to any other softer tissues of the body. Taking supplements, especially those which contain large cadmium amounts, might be responsible in negating the extra zinc benefits.

You should not exceed the maximum amount of 40 mg per day dose of zinc in case you decide on taking the zinc supplements. Consult your doctor before you take zinc if you want to treat any kind of prostate conditions, including prostate cancer. Those men who die from prostate cancer have more amounts of cadmium in their prostate as compared to other men. However, once cadmium gets into the body, it remains there.



Causes of exposure to cadmium

Some studies predict that men working in certain professions, with greater levels of cadmium exposure, have a greater risk of cadmium related prostate cancer. Laboratory rats experimented by giving cadmium showed the development of prostate cancer.

Cadmium has also been proved to mimic certain effects of female and male hormones. Interaction of cadmium with the hormone receptors is similar to that of testosterone or estrogen. So it might be possible that it stimulates prostate growth in an abnormal method. Cadmium also might be responsible in pushing beneficial zinc from the prostate gland.

Men who repair and build ships, those of the men working in the canning industry, welders, men who get exposed to paints, galvanizing, soldering and electroplating jobs are at a higher risk of cadmium exposure. Being a metallic toxin of high occupational and environmental concern, Cadmium exposure is often associated with prostate cancer in some men, but obviously not all, according to epidemiologic studies. Some studies also indicate that the tissue concentrations of cadmium in the prostate gland have a correlation with malignant disorder.

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Can prostate cancer be cured?  

Often people ask can prostate cancer be cured. In many cases, the cure for prostate cancer is possible as it depends on the severity of the symptoms and the stage in which the prostate cancer is currently. There are many treatment options available which can reduce your symptoms and even cure you of the disease if you cancer is in the early stages:

  • Active surveillance- strictly vigilant of any sign or symptom that the cancer is showing or growing. The decision of treatment is not done right away, rather you undergo a series of tests and diagnosis. This is the best treatment for prostate cancer which is mostly considered in early stages.

  • Surgery- if you are healthy and initial stages of your prostate cancer then you can consider surgeries like Open Prostatectomy, Laparoscopic surgery, Perineal Prostatectomy.

  • Radiation therapies- high doses of radiation is given to treat cancer. A radiation therapy called external beam radiation is done which sends radiations from many directions once your prostate is located. On the other hand, Brachytherapy is a radiation process in which the radiation is given from inside or internally.

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Along with these treatments, maintaining a balanced and healthy life and eating a nutritious diet may also help. Taking of Endosterol and other supplements which contain natural herbs also ease out and relieve certain symptoms.

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