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Bleeding From The Kidneys

Bleeding Bladder Causes
Kidney Cancer Treatment

Bleeding from the kidneys: what is the cause for bleeding from the kidney; are you getting blood in your urine? Get to know the possible causes of bleeding in the kidneys, the symptoms and the associated risk factors.

The kidneys are an important organ in the homeostasis of the entire body. It is responsible for the regulation of base acid balances, concentration of the electrolytic substances, extracellular volume of the fluids in the body, as well as blood pressure regulation. Secretion, re-absorption and filtration are the main tasks performed by the kidneys that take place in the nephrons.

The main function of the kidneys is filtering of the blood. The whole blood in the human body has to pass through kidneys many times in a day. The kidneys help in controlling the fluid balance of the body, remove wastes as well as aid in regulating the electrolytes balance in the body. While performing the process of filtering blood, the kidneys create urine, which is collected in the pelvis.

Sometimes, a condition might arise when you notice some blood in your urine which might be the result of bleeding from the kidneys. This condition is termed as Hematuria. Some causes of bleeding from the kidneys might be exercising strenuously and intake of drugs like aspirin. However, if you notice bleeding from the kidneys in your urine, it is definitely a matter of concern denoting a serious disorder.

Types of blood appearing in urine

Two kinds of blood can be noticed in urine. One is referred to as Gross Hematuria in which you can see blood from your own eyes in your urine. Another is Microscopic Hematuria, where you have to undergo urine testing to find blood samples in your urine. No matter what Hematuria it is, it is necessary to find the reason behind the bleeding from the kidneys.

Symptoms that your urine has blood!

  • If you are suffering from Hematuria or bleeding from the kidneys, the visible symptom is that your urine will be pink, red or dark brown in color which is caused by the presence of RBCs in the urine.

  • Only a small amount of blood can cause discoloration of the urine and the bleeding from the kidneys is usually not painful.

  • However, if you notice some blood clots in your urine, then it might be a little discomforting.

  • Although, mostly bleeding from the kidneys occur and you cannot notice the blood in urine which will be visible only when tested under a microscope.

Most of the times, Hematuria are not very serious. However it is recommended that you consult your doctor as soon as you spot blood in urine. There are some drugs and medicines or some kind of foods like beetroot etc that can cause your urine to turn red. A change in the color of urine because of some foods, medications and exercising will go away in few days.


Immune System

Causes of bleeding in the kidneys

Bleeding from the kidneys occur when blood cells leak to urine. Following might be the causes:

  • Infections in the urinary tract- such infections occur when bacteria and pathogens enter your body through the urethra and reproduce in the urinary bladder.

  • Kidney infections- entering bacteria in the kidneys through your bloodstream.

  • Kidney stones-the minerals present in the urine might precipitate out sometimes and form crystals on kidney and bladder walls.

  • An enlarged prostate- in older men, the prostate gland might begin to grow and enlarge, causing the urethra to get compressed, blocking the urine flow partially.

  • Cancer- bladder cancer or prostate cancer might also be the reason for bleeding from the kidneys.

  • Inherited disorders- like sickle cell anemia, which is a hereditary defect found in hemoglobin of RBCs can also be the cause of bleeding from the kidneys.

  • Kidney injuries- some past accident or blow near your kidneys might also cause bleeding from the kidneys.

Risk factors involved

The risk factors that affect people when they suffer from bleeding from the kidneys might depend on the following points:

  • Sex- almost 50% of women suffer from some sort of urinary path infection at some point of their lives which might cause appearance of blood in their urine.

  • Age- most of the men belonging to older ages notice bleeding from the kidneys because of enlargement of their prostate gland.

  • Family history- you have a higher chance of getting blood in your urine if it is in your family history.

Although prevention of Hematuria is not that effective but reducing the risk of getting Hematuria is possible. Drink lots of water to flush out the harmful toxins and reduce the salt intake to prevent the formation of stones. Stop smoking and maintain a healthy weight as well as consume a healthy diet. Intake of herbal therapies like Glytamins for kidney stones, scientific literature shows that Chanca Piedra, (one of the main ingredients) has been used over time to support the dissolution of calcium oxalate and uric acid crystals, the main constituents of kidney stones can be fruitful in reducing the symptoms of kidney related problems. So, set out for a healthier you!

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