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Beta Sitosterol Supplements
Prostate Supplements
Beta Sitosterol Benefits


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A waxy and white substance that is mostly found in foods such as rice bran, soybeans, corn oils and wheat germs, beta sitosterol is a sterol found in a wide variety of plants. It is a phytosterol which is most commonly used for the treatment of enlarged prostates or high cholesterol problems. Having a chemical structure similar to that of cholesterol, benefits of beta sitosterol are countless.


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Beta sitosterol supplements

Having innumerable benefits for the health and body, beta sitosterol supplements are in high demand in the medicine market today. Manufactures by many in house medical agencies and companies, the beta sitosterol supplements have many benefits and uses that are trusted by people all over the world. Intake of beta sitosterol supplements ensure that your body has sufficient amount of beta sitosterol for leading a healthy life.

As the plant extract of beta sitosterol is a natural source, the people do not hesitate in the consumption of beta sitosterol supplements, since they have minimal or no side effects on the body and its health. Although, it is recommended that before taking any sort of beta sitosterol supplements, similar to any other medication, proper medical advise is taken by the patient, since it might react adversely if the patient is already taking other drugs or medicines involving certain chemical compounds.

Many local stores such as drug stores and nutritional stores sell beta sitosterol supplements, and you can even by them online.

The active ingredients of nearly all beta sitosterol supplements are the plant extract of beta sitosterol, gelatin, magnesium stearate and microcrystalline cellulose. Some beta sitosterol supplements like Endosterol also contains other natural ingredients like saw palmetto extract, pumpkin seeds extract, Ellagic acid and others to let you bask in good health!


Beta sitosterol side effects

The numerous benefits of beta sitosterol cannot be obviously neglected. When consumed orally, beta sitosterol supplements are usually considered safe. Though it might cause some side effects namely nausea, constipation, indigestion, diarrhea etc.

Not enough evidence is available, though, for the side effects of beta sitosterol supplements in pregnant women. Hence, it is recommended that it should be avoided during pregnancy to be on the safer side.

Zetia has moderate interaction with Beta sitosterol and it might decrease its effectiveness.

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Beta sitosterol foods and other natural sources

Beta sitosterol is commonly and naturally found in many food sources and plants. Following are some of the foods that contain beta sitosterol. Intake of such foods will help you to balance beta sitosterol levels in your body and you won’t need to consume any beta sitosterol supplements.

Seeds and nuts- seeds and nuts have a lot of nutritional value. They have high amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, selenium and high fiber amounts. Beta sitosterol can be extracted from almond seeds, peanuts, pistachios as well as sunflower seeds.

Avocado- a Vitamin E packed fruit; avocados are a highly used fruit in Mexican and South American dishes. Slightly mushy in its texture and a little bland in its taste, this fruit is an essential and valuable nutritional source, including that of beta sitosterol. In contrast to other beta sitosterol containing fruits like oranges, avocados score even more.

Rice bran- such foods which are high in their fiber content are usually high in beta sitosterol content too. Rice bran plays an active role in reduction of coronary risk factors due to the presence of phytosterol. Studies suggest that the compounds such as beta sterols, that are phytosterols, are not absorbed by the lining of intestines and rather they are secreted in the stool. This way they make their way out of the body pulling cholesterol too with them.

Pumpkin seeds- another natural seeds, containing high level of beta sterol, pumpkin seeds go a long way in maintaining the natural health of your body. Extremely beneficial to people suffering from autoimmune system disorders and BPH syndrome, this seed is also an active ingredient of Endosterol.

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Beta sitosterol powder and products

Beta sitosterol supplements come in many forms like powder, tablets or capsules. You can choose the best way that suits your daily intake needs and plan your diet accordingly. Sitosterols are usually powders having a waxy texture.

The products that contain beta sitosterol such as Endosterol promote cardiovascular health, boost your immune system, maintain the metabolism rate of the body, controls hair fall problems and is extremely beneficial in relieving the symptoms of prostate cancer.

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