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Best Treatment For Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Treatment
Diagnose Prostrate Cancer

Best treatment for Prostate Cancer: the different treatment choices after you are diagnosed with prostate cancer; factors you must consider before narrowing down the treatment options; and the different treatments available at different cancer stages.

Prostate is a male reproductive gland and when it develops cancerous cells; it gets affected by prostate cancer. This article on prostate cancer will focus on the details about prostate cancer, the protein called PSA that can be used to diagnose signs of prostate cancer, the various signs and symptoms exhibited by the patients suffering from prostate cancer. Besides these details, the article on prostate cancer will also explain the diagnosis options as well as treatment measures including the best treatment for prostate cancer to be taken when you are affected by the destructive disease.

A tube called urethra which carries semen and urine out of the body of a man, passes through the prostate gland. Thousands of other tiny glands near the prostate produce fluids that are a part of the male semen. This liquid produced by the prostate gland also protects the sperms in the semen. The best treatment for prostate cancer depends on the stage of the cancer your prostate is in.


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Production of PSA (Prostate specific antigen)

PSA, a protein produced by the epithelial cells in the prostate gland is responsible to keep the male semen in liquid form. Some PSA might also escape into the blood of the men. Hence the PSA levels in a man can be detected by a blood test. In case the PSA levels in a man are high, it is an alarming indication of prostate cancer or some kind of abnormal prostate condition. The best treatment for prostate cancer will also depend on the production amount of PSA.

The production of male hormones also affects the production of PSA in men. Hence the medications taken for affecting the hormones might also be responsible for affecting the PSA levels in men.

How prostate cancer is diagnosed?

The following points will make you aware about the diagnosis options for detecting prostate cancer so that you can chalk out the best treatment for prostate cancer suitable for you.

  • Prostate Imaging: MRI and ultrasound are two basic methods adopted doe prostate imaging.

  • Biopsy: on suspicion of prostate cancer, a radiologist or an urologist will obtain tissue samples of the prostate via the rectum.

  • Gleason score: these are microscopic features obtained while examining tissue cells. A higher Gleason score will portray chances of prostate cancer.


Factors upon which the choice of treatment depends


The best treatment for prostate cancer will depend on certain factors:

  • Risk group of your prostate cancer- cancer details about your prostate will categorize you in a particular risk group among: low risk, medium risk and high risk. These groups depend on the Gleason scores, the tumor stage as well as the PSA levels

  • Other health problems- the best treatment for prostate cancer can only be identified when other problems like heart diseases, diabetes and others are also kept in mind.

  • Age- this is an important factor and the best treatment for prostate cancer heavily depend on this factor.

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Types of treatments


The best treatment for prostate cancer can only be identified when you are aware of the types of treatments available:

  • Active surveillance- strictly vigilant of any sign or symptom that the cancer is showing or growing. The decision of treatment is not done right away, rather you undergo a series of tests and diagnosis. This is the best treatment for prostate cancer which is mostly considered in early stages.

  • Surgery- if you are healthy and initial stages of your prostate cancer then you can consider surgeries like Open Prostatectomy, Laparoscopic surgery, Perineal Prostatectomy.

  • Radiation therapies- high doses of radiation is given to treat cancer. A radiation therapy called external beam radiation is done which sends radiations from many directions once your prostate is located. On the other hand, Brachytherapy is a radiation process in which the radiation is given from inside or internally.

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Treatments based on stage of prostate cancer

Stage 1: these cancers are small and have lower Gleason scores. The best treatment for prostate cancer for men in this stage will be:

  • Watchful waiting or active surveillance

  • Removal of prostate through surgery (radical prostatectomy)

  • Radiation therapies

Stage 2: if not treated properly at stage 1, these cancers may spread rapidly and cause other symptoms. The best treatment for prostate cancer for such men include:

  • Radical prostatectomy

  • External beam radiation only

  • Brachytherapy only

Stage 3: spreading of cancer beyond the prostate but have not reached other organs. Treatments options include:

  • External beam radiation plus hormonal therapy

  • Watchful waiting for older men

  • Sometimes radical prostatectomy

Stage4: this is the most severe state when the cancer has spread to other organs too like lymph nodes, rectum, bladder etc. although not very likely to be curable, the best treatment for prostate cancer in this stage are:

  • Hormone therapy

  • Hormone therapy plus external radiation in certain cases

  • Some surgery to relieve other symptoms

  • Sometimes watchful waiting if symptoms are not increasing

Along with these treatments, maintaining a balanced and healthy life and eating a nutritious diet may also help. Taking of Endosterol and other supplements which contain natural herbs also ease out and relieve certain symptoms.

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