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Benefits Of Saw Palmetto


Saw Palmetto Extract
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Benefits Of Saw Palmetto: Various Uses And Medicinal Benefits Of The Plant Extract Called Saw Palmetto; Its Benefits For Men And Women; How Saw Palmetto Berries Can Be Useful For Women?

Immune System

Extracted from the fruit of an herb called Serenoa Repens, Saw palmetto is highly rich in phytosterols and fatty acids. The benefits of saw palmetto are numerous; having been magnificently used in many eclectic, traditional and other forms of alternative medicines as it is considered to treat and relieve a variety of medical conditions such as Benign Prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

A native plant of North America, Saw palmetto is a dwarf palm herb. Such are the benefits of saw palmetto that still there are many hidden and unknown facts about saw palmetto plant that the world is unaware of. The significant and the most active ingredients of the plant are believed to be found in the brownish black berries of the herb. A huge cultivation and growth pattern about saw palmetto plant can be found in the Atlantic coastal regions of Florida and Georgia.

Such medicinal usages and benefits of saw palmetto herb are invariable and have been known since time and long. Known as a folk remedy and natural curing herb, saw palmetto was considered as a remedial plant since ancient times and was often used to treat urinary tract problems in men and breast gland disorders in the women.

Immune System

The Invariable Uses and Benefits of Saw Palmetto

There are many benefits of saw palmetto. Crude extract of saw palmetto was used to treat weakness and in recovery of patients from long illnesses. It is also used in the treatment of BPH in older middle aged men. With BPH syndrome comes the problem of hair loss, hence many consider the fruit of saw palmetto as an herb to arrest hair fall. The extract and combination of beta sitosterol and saw palmetto is highly beneficial for hair fall. It is also considered as a nerve sedative and a tonic of nutritive value.

Men taking the natural herb swear by the benefits of saw palmetto and have shown improvement in urine flow. It does not stop the enlargement of prostate as happens in BPH, but it instead interfere in the production of estrogen and progesterone that are associated with the formation of DHT.

Such valuable facts and benefits of saw palmetto are still into use. An exceptional medicinal value herb, saw palmetto has been used by Mayans and Americans for the treatment of reproductive and urinary problems since ancient times. Some tribal groups even used the wonder herb as an antiseptic and an expectorant.

Studies pertaining to the benefits of saw palmetto show that it aids in balancing of metabolism rate as well as strengthening the thyroid gland along with stimulating the appetite and aiding in digestion. It is also good in treating testicular inflammation, respiratory congestion and cough.


Saw Palmetto and Its Benefits For Women

The benefits of Saw palmetto for women are usually associated with the women reproductive system and its problems. It is mostly beneficial in relieving women of their menstrual cramps, promoting lactation and increasing their sexual libido. Explained below are some of the benefits of saw palmetto especially for women:

  • Menstrual problems- headache and cramps are two highly discomforting experience women go through in their menstrual cycles. The benefits of saw palmetto are believed to provide relief in these conditions and also suppressing the breakouts of acne and pimples on the skin during this period.

  • Urinary problems- beneficial for both men and women, the benefits of saw palmetto with its anti inflammatory capabilities goes a long way in improving the flow of urine and irritation in the urinary tract.

  • Sex drive- this is a traditional benefit of the saw palmetto extract. The berries are believed to increase the sexual vitality and interest in women. It makes a binding to cells in the same way as estrogen does. And also helps in balancing estrogen production.

  • Breastfeeding- although still this particular benefit of saw palmetto is a little controversial, the benefits of saw palmetto used by breastfeeding women is still in vogue. By increasing the prolactin production, this herb aids the breastfeeding mothers.


Immune System

Be cautious and aware before the consumption!

Such medicinal herbs, though highly beneficial, might not suit your immune system and its requirements. Hence before proceeding with their consumption, you must consult your doctor. Especially the pregnant women and people on other kinds of medication must be careful as saw palmetto might react adversely with certain substances.

The combination of Beta sitosterol and saw palmetto along with other herbs can be highly beneficial in maintaining a balance of hormones in your body and providing you a healthy life. A supplement such as Endosterol which contains the above stated extracts is recommended to provide you a stress free life!

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