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Autoimmune System Disorder: A Detailed Insight

Autoimmune Disorders
Autoimmune Disease Treatment


An autoimmune disease: what do you mean by an autoimmune disease? The criteria involved; what are the causes, the symptoms of such diseases and an example of an autoimmune disorder- Alopecia Areata.

What is autoimmune system disease?

The onset of the autoimmune system disease causes lots of problems for the patients affecting majority of the body parts and causing eventual death. It is a well known fact that autoimmune system sometimes behaves abnormally and destroys the body cells perceiving that they are foreign elements attacking the body. Enhanced immune response results in the destruction of the kidneys and lungs resulting in lots of issues for the patients as the disease progresses.
There are certain criteria which are necessary to deem a particular disease as an autoimmune system disorder. If the pathogenic antibodies are transferred to the cells making the immune system more robust and activating the white blood cells in the process, then it might be classified as an autoimmune system problem.

Immune SystemImmune System


Scientists are in a dilemma regarding the causes which are responsible for the occurrence of the disease. The general opinion about autoimmune system disorders veers around the fact that modern day environmental toxins often intermix with the blood stream and affect the immune system, wherein it attacks its own body cells. Other factors causing the diabolical problem are the genetic traits inherited through the generations which might manifest in an individual over a period of time.

Modern lifestyle comprising of alcohol and tobacco could play a very important role in adversely affecting the autoimmune system of the body and cause some of the rarest diseases to the patient. In present scenario man is accustomed to a sedentary way of life devoid of exercises and is also prone to high pressure in the professional world leading to the breakdown of the defense mechanism of the body.

Autoimmune system disorders are also the direct result of deficiency of iodine, preparing the ground for the occurrence of the hyperthyroid syndrome and eventual degradation of the system from long term, perspective. Stress and anxiety pertaining to the emotional aspect of the person is one of the biggest triggers aggravating the autoimmune system problem, moreover the realization of the body affected by chronic illness plays havoc with the patient’s psyche.

Immune System


Presence of the autoimmune diseases in women is also a common phenomenon affecting them severely during pregnancy. Although, female population are suffering from the syndrome, the research effort is lacking and requires a concerted focus from the medical fraternity to relieve the patients of the symptoms.

Myasthenia Gravis is regarded as one of the most common issues bugging women and could act as a villain when they are undergoing pregnancy. Arising largely out of genetic malformations, the autoimmune system issue might cause breathlessness and other related problems to the individuals.

Symptoms of an autoimmune disease are difficult to detect in the initial stages and they recur over a period of time, making it even hard for the physician to correctly diagnose the problem. Some of the common symptoms of the autoimmune system comprises of the low sex drive and unexplained hair loss.

Besides, the patient suffers from anxiety coupled with high blood pressure, leg cramps and persistent dizziness to boot. In retrospect, the autoimmune system disorder invites the onslaught of the different diseases, and by the time it is diagnosed, it inflicts heavy damage to certain organs of the body resulting in innumerable problems. The patient often complains of extreme fatigue, nausea, gastrointestinal problems whilst performing daily activities which also metamorphose into decreased attention span.

Above mentioned symptoms indicate that the autoimmune system disorders cannot be treated completely, however conventional medicines could be used to suppress the symptoms and provide immediate relief to the patients. Aspirin along with the ibuprofen is used for eliminating the mild symptoms, nevertheless in the advanced stages of the autoimmune system problems, doctors tend to use powerful immunosuppressant to alleviate the sufferings.

One of the main issues affecting the person is the psychological aspect which is severely damaged when the person is suffering from the autoimmune system diseases and is duly taken care of by the medical consultants using the anti depressants. Generally, the problems do not snowball into cancer, but in case of any eventuality radiation therapy is recommended for the patients to control the growth of the defective cells.

Immune SystemImmune SystemImmune System

Is there a Cure?

Sometimes the autoimmune system issues are rectified by using the plasmapheresis procedure which comprises of the removal of toxins from the body that stimulate the birth of the diseases cells in the long run. With the development of technology, the treatment mode has undergone radical modifications because of the advent of the natural methods to cure the illness. Natural anti-inflammatory substances are used to combat the autoimmune system problems rectifying the healing system of the body leading to improved metabolism.


Medicinal herbs are used to cleanse the blood stream of toxic substances causing irreparable damage to the body and are a boon for strengthening the muscles as well as the joints. Tissue salts, a vital homeopathic treatment is mighty effective in cases of autoimmune system imbalances because they restructure the health of the body and secure the functioning of the vital organs.

Endosterol has been instrumental in benefitting the patients suffering from autoimmune system disorder. One of the biggest uses of Endosterol in auto immune system disease pertains to the pumpkin seed along with the saw palmetto which play a vital role in decreasing fat in the blood and providing a novel way to decrease inflammation to a great extent.

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