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Arise & ShineTestimonials

14 Day Colon Cleanse, 18 Day Colon Cleanse

14 Day Cleanse

28 Day Cleanse

If you have an Arise & Shine Success Story you'd like to share with us...please give us a call!

We'd love to hear from you!

Below are testimonials that have been sent to us from some of our valued customers who have had success with our colon cleanse and internal cleansing products. Here is a small sample of their e-mails: Please note that results vary from person to person.

"Where do I start!! This cleanse has been the most revelatory single thing that I have ever done for myself in my life of 43 years. I followed the cleanse guidelines to the letter up until the end of 3 weeks. I had so much gain in that time I decided to go back to small amounts of food on the 4th week but still running the program. I did lose some weight and that was my primary concern for continuing the full 4 weeks. I have begun to put the weight back on now and do I feel great!

I began expelling mucoid plaque at the end of week 1. Every day after that point I continued to shed pounds and pounds of the stuff. I couldn't believe there was so much inside of me; even more confronting is the fact that there is still more to come out. I will run the full cleanse program in another 3-4 months.

The first 3-4 days were the hardest; being a daily meat eater and coffee consumer I had some serious demons to address. When I got through those first days I had moments of extreme awareness and clarity coupled with moments of extreme tiredness and exhaustion. I believe this wolf and warp is due to the toxins being released and then being re-stimulated in the next phase. I cut myself some slack and rested well and just continued on with the program. I couldn't believe my ability to cut out a meal each week and how my body adjusted. I am now off meat permanently and will eat a little dairy and fish whilst I educate myself more on raw foods.

My energy levels have boosted substantially, I wake up at 5:30 am most mornings bright and fresh, not groggy and tired like in my last life. This is very powerful stuff!! My emotional and spiritual bodies have changed substantially, I am a much kinder and generous person, also more calm and centered. I believe that a lot of my maladies were caused by eating meat.

I can see things with extreme clarity and I no longer have that chatter in my head. Things are happening in my life like never before, the synchronicity of existence seems to be finding me. I am much more connected with plant and animal life, nature and God. I feel the life force and energy in these. That may sound exaggerated to some but I feel a spiritual connection that I have never experienced before. One needs to do the process to understand.

I can see the power of healing in fruit and vegetables and how they replenish and cleanse us. I see a world around us that has taken a path which doesn't serve us, but instead adds to our pain and suffering, creating greed and disharmony.

I have re-read Rich Anderson's book again whilst on the process. I cannot believe how much of what he has written I have experienced. My wish now is that my family and friends get onto this program because it potentially, could create a massive shift in the consciousness of mankind. Sound extreme?? Try and see what I'm talking about. Thank you to Rich Anderson and all the team at Arise and Shine. This is a wonderful gift!"

J. B., Melbourne, Australia 3/13/2010

"Prior to doing the cleanse I read the book "Cleanse and Purify Thyself". I was really moved. I wanted the mucoid plaque out. I thought there had to be tons of this stuff in me from years of eating fast food and meat. I'm 30 years old and weighed 195 lbs pre-cleanse. I started this cleanse on the day after Christmas 2009. I used to be a ravenous meat eater. I expected to eat some kind of meat product at every meal. I used to have a saying "It's not a meal unless something dies". I wondered if I would be able to actually do it and stick with it.

The first week of the cleanse was hard, I had psychological cravings for meat, salt, sugar, and all the goodies that I had during the holidays. I lucked out because my girlfriend is trained as a raw food chef. She made dishes for me that first week that were so healthy and nutritious I couldn't tell I was missing the meat. There were often times when I was miserable and toxic, once I got over my fear of enemas I found them to be essential. Post-cleanse I use them whenever I eat something that my body can't eliminate fast enough. Being a male in this culture puts a really big stigma on enemas or any object going where the sun doesn't shine. As a good looking straight man I have to say, enema's rock!!

As the cleanse went on it got easier and easier physically and psychologically. Finally on week 4 I stepped it up to the master phase, no solid food, for a week. It was on week 4 when the plaque started coming out. I knew it was the plaque because right before it came out, the psychological trauma from the past came back to me. All the teenage angst, hate of the world and myself, came back. I started singing gangta rap lyrics from the 90's in my head. Once the plaque passed, all the negativity fled and I felt truly enlightened. That final week I was taking 7 herbs and chompers at each herb set. I wanted this stuff out. My plaque was about 6 inches long it was a roast-beef/gelatin consistency (and it came out literally every time I had a movement). It had a unique rancid odor. Finally after day 28, it was not pig out time. The cleanse truly put me in a peaceful place mentally and physically. I'm more aware of what I put in my body now. I can hear my body tell me when I put something in it that it doesn't like. It's been about a month since the cleanse ended and I'm still at my post cleanse weight of 175 pounds. I look and feel great, and for the first time I can see my abs!!! That buttery layer of skin that used to be a problem area over my abdomen is GONE!!! Post cleanse I'm more attune to the natural world and my personal power has expanded exponentially. I can tell immediately when someone around me has a toxic body or thoughts. While at work my colleagues asked me what I did. I refer them to the book and the website. I'm really existing on a different plane of consciousness now. I totally recommend this system to anyone that wants to change their life. It REALLY WORKS!!!!"

Robert V. New City, New York February 18, 2010

" I am a colon therapist and Arise & Shine products are the best products I have ever used. They are for those who seriously want to take charge of their health."

Ann Schnell, Massage and Colon Therapist, Ancient Waters Colon Therapy, St Louis, MO February 26, 2010

"...Rich Anderson and I exchanged books a while back. He gave me his Cleanse and Purify Thyself and I gave him The Assumptions. Ironically, mine was about cleaning out the wrong assumptions your life is based upon and his was about clearing out the toxins, mucus and negative consciousness created by living out those bad assumptions! Making the wrong assumptions sponsors wrong choices and the resulting manifestations stay in your human systems until they are cleaned out. I had never taken the time to rid myself of all the past unhealthy free-willing, free-thinking, free-feeling consciousness stored in my body - put there by me from my many years of growing up. I guess I had just "assumed" they would dissipate on their own and would get flushed out as I grew older. Now, in retrospect, I can tell you, I made the wrong assumption...

On day 25, after many smaller pieces had come out, this long snake-like rope of mucoid plaque came out. Immediately, I felt a surge of energy being freed up. Have you ever had an experience whereby something was resolved in your life?... In the days following I noticed my memory came back. I had greater clarity of thought. I had a keener sense of awareness. I was feeling more subtle forms of energy coming from people I encountered. I felt better. My sense of smell and taste were more acute and vibrant. My skin looked much better. All my senses felt like they had been rekindled and sharpened. I felt younger!... I began a sort of a re-birthing process of becoming my originally designed, multidimensional self again... Cleansing and purifying yourself is a right of passage into discovery of who you really are...

You just do not realize how contaminated you are...until you are not! This first step will be the best gift you ever give yourself..."

- James Taylor Asheville, NC, February 19, 2010
Author of The Assumptions

"I am a long distance runner who competes in marathons and an ultra distance marathon of 52 miles. I train for about 2 hours a day and still have a full time job. Since…. my level of energy and ability to train hard became less and less. I became so fatigued and tired that I could not even get up from sitting for more than an hour in a chair. I literally had to push myself up from the chair just to be able to stand up straight. When I walked it felt like weights was tied to my legs and body. I never felt refreshed after a night's sleep and always got out of bed tired and fatigued.

I was introduced to your product by a friend …and I am so pleased that I have listened to him and followed his advice to go on your 28 day cleanse program. The cleanse started to work as quickly as from the 3rd day during the first phase. I experienced almost all the cleansing reactions explained in the book "Cleanse and Purify Thyself". Although I was sceptic about the Mucoid Plaque theory I was especially amazed when I started passing Mucoid Plague on the 2nd day of the Master phase. I felt so emotionally rejuvenated when I passed a huge amount of emotions on the 4th day of cleanse. My overall feeling is great, I have a huge amount of energy, I am alert 14 hours in a day, never feel tired, I don't have that lethargic feeling in my body anymore. I am even now able to train as hard again as I was 3 to 4 years ago. I am able to push my training sessions to maximum without any negative side affects like in the past. My recovery between hard training sessions is phenomenal; I feel I can train hard every day. I have more strength in my body.

This Friday 8th of January 2010 will be a month that I am a non smoker. I have to give thanks to Lord for giving me the strength to complete the cleanse and thank you people for an awesome product. The cleanse has given me a new zest for life and the amount of energy I have is out of this world. I will most definitely do the cleanse again in September this year as the benefits are just too much for not doing it again."

- Patrick. S. Johannesburg, South Africa January 6, 2010

"Kind greetings to the Arise & Shine crew. Just wanted to encourage you and let you know that your efforts to help those in need of cleansing are much appreciated. My 17 year old son and myself have done several Cleanse 28 regimens and have seen many good results. We have passed lots of mucoid plaque, had aches and pains... virtually disappear...very amazing!

Your products are the best I have ever found and we hope you will continue to provide the highest quality cleansing system out there.

With appreciation and gratitude,

-Zachary E. Fort Worth, TX December 9, 2009

"My name is Jessica Z. and I am the owner of Transformational Health in Southern California. We specialize in colon hydrotherapy and personalized herbal detox programs. Most of our clients are encouraged to use the Arise & Shine products so that they can more deeply cleanse during a series of colonic irrigations. Now I have been in business using these products myself and on my clients for over 20 years. Of course many times clients come in using other products for intestinal cleansing or just juice fasting. But I always see a major difference in what comes out of their intestines during the colon therapy session. Of course I support all people who want to cleanse their beings, with whatever they choose to use. It is a marvelous path to embark on, to rid ourselves of accumulated waste, whether it is on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual planes, but when I see what comes out of the intestines of clients who are on the Arise & Shine products, I would say probably 98% of the time the result are unparalleled. That is to say the matter leaving their bodies is undoubtedly much, much older and seems to release so much easier.

Since Transformational Health specializes in tailoring the cleanses to what each person's initial condition is and also their level of willingness, I use the Arise & Shine products accordingly. For example, if a person is willing to commit to 28 days of cleansing, but because of work or family commitments cannot conceive of giving up food for even a short while, [then] sometimes people just do the mild or gentle phases for the entire 28 days, and when they finish this version they always feel so much better in every aspect of their lives. Usually they are able to plan for in the future doing other phases of the program, sometimes it's a year later, but they can always see their way to doing it.

Of course, some people only want to do the seven days. [ Cleanse7] Again, I applaud their willingness to even do this. Seven days is fantastic, it is so much better in my opinion than just juice fasting or the lemonade cleanse. They can even eat during this week, which they love, of course, and everything is prepackaged, [with the Cleanse 7]. The only caveat in using this method is that we don't have the freedom to increase or decrease dosages as needed because it is prepackaged. I always encourage clients to come in for at least one session to assess their digestion and elimination, and whatever their goals are and whatever they're willing to do to get there, and I suggest a course of action almost always using the Arise & Shine products.

-Jessica Z. Colon Hydrotherapist, Santa Monica, CA August 8, 2009

"Hello, my name is Clarissa V., I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, practitioner counselor, Colon Hydrotherapist, and a resident of San Diego, California and I'd like to share my experience with Arise & Shine.For the last 25 years I have been applying different modalities of holistic health to my clients. The Arise & Shine cleanse is one of the best programs I have experienced for myself and my clients. The quality of the products is phenomenal; the ingredients have been selected so carefully that the performance is very, very good. It helps to detox not only the colon but the whole digestive system.

I was introduced to Arise & Shine about 18 years ago, but my first cleanse was in 1995. It was the most incredible experience. Letting go of the mucoid plaque changed my life completely. It was one of the most incredible experiences you can have. It was like a lightening feeling. You feel lighter, radiant, and pure; it was excellent. Also, they have a whole line of products that will help other organs and maintain after the cleanse; a good quality of absorption, digestion, elimination and this way you can achieve optimum health. The customer service is very helpful, the people who work for Arise & Shine are trained to know everything about the cleanse and the products and they guide you and they help you any time. It's like talking to a friend or family member who wants to help you to do the best.

This business is a very good company. I'm very happy to know this company and I feel very healthy since I started doing my first cleanse. This is one of the best on the market and the only one that can actually help you to remove the mucoid plaque. So help yourself to feel healthy, and radiant, and live longer and share with others. Thank you!

- Clarissa V., Holistic Health Practitioner, San Diego, CA August 1, 2009

"I have been facilitating detox programs with Arise & Shine products for seven years now. During this time more than 80 folks enjoy a detox with us every month. Of that number I am sure that over 50% return again and again...and repeat the experience and gain...personal understanding. For many this has become a life process. This returning percentage is the true testimonial for Arise & Shine detox programs - they work and people know and appreciate that and want more. Keep up the good work.

-M. D. The Sanctuary Resort, Spa, and Detox Center, Koh Phangan, Thailand July 21, 2009

"I am writing to thank you so much for your cleanse program, and to tell you about a couple of thing that happened to me whilst on the cleanse, that I'm sure you will be interested to hear about.

This was my first cleanse, and it was hard work for me. I am usually fit and active, and do not have any major health concerns. However, I have never been able to conceive, and have felt "unwell" on and off for many years. I have been practicing a mainly vegan raw diet since 2005 and have felt much better as a consequence of this. However, in April of this year, I started to feel a little worse than usual. I prayed to my Angels to ask them to help me to find an answer to my problem. Two days later, in a mountain village in Spain (Orgiva), I walked past a book stall and your book literally caught my eye. As I scanned the contents, I felt very excited about the information I was about to read.

On returning to the UK in July, I ordered some cleanse kits and a small range of supplements and organized when I could start the cleanse.

I started the cleanse at the beginning of October 2008. The first two weeks were very hard, as a lot of emotional trauma came to the surface, as well as a rather nasty flu-type bug, which was hiding at the top of my neck, just below the base of my skull. I'm not totally au fait with human physiology (at this time!) but I think that there are two glands there which were harbouring the virus. ... After approximately 6 days, the virus was finally out of my system. It was very tiring, but I was relieved that it was gone.

On the third week, the most amazing thing happened. Now, I have been suffering from stomach upsets of one description or another since I was a little girl, and have been to the doctor so many times, but to no avail. But the reason for the problems displayed itself! I was out on a country walk one afternoon (very slowly and gently) and had to use nature's latrine. On inspection, I found that I had passed something quite alien. I can only describe the thing that came out of me, as I have no way of knowing what it was, I can only guess. I had passed a long grey-coloured piece of skin-type material. It was quite thin, almost like a worm, but was definitely not. The centre looked like bone marrow, red and grainy, which stank of rotting flesh. My father and my maternal grandmother had both died of stomach cancer, and my guess is that I was headed in the same direction.

My feelings of elation after passing this were enormous. I cried with relief! I knew that when I found your book, I had found a very important piece of information, and it is one I will certainly tell others about. ... Kind wishes,"

Caroline E. Great Britain December 7, 2008

"I did your cleanse last year in the spring and I felt great, but I didn't release a lot of mucoid plaque (I set out to do the 28 day cleanse but in the end could only do about a week). I was still glad I did it and decided to make it an annual spring cleaning.

This year I went into it with a different mindset. I was seriously READY to let go of my stuff. I followed the directions much more closely this time and had NO SALT!!! My frame of mind and the no salt made all the difference (last time I was drinking miso soup thinking it was okay.) I was able to go 10 days this time (3 in the mild phase and 7 in the gentle phase) and I eliminated about 6 to 12 inches of plaque for about 7 of the days and a ball of something that had issues (emotions) attached to it. My husband has decided to do the 7 day cleanse now because I showed him what was coming out of me and he can actually see a huge difference in my appearance, attitude, and joy in just 10 days.

THANK YOU!!! I am not going to wait for next spring to do this again, my goal for this fall is to get to the power phase! I am going to spend the summer de-cluttering my house!! LOL"

-L.L., Naperville, IL May 15, 2008

"A friend of mine, about 10 years ago gave me cleansing information but I didn't read it for quite awhile before I got turned onto it. I was pretty fat, tired, and just plain unhealthy. I had many bad habits and was very reluctant to try the cleanse, but I did.

I had more energy than I knew was even possible and I had absolutely ZERO desire for anything other than fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and their juices. I would attack a peach like it was my girlfriend.

Cleansing works and I am proof. I thought it was pretty crazy to begin and I am so thankful to have been taught this."

-PJ, Boulder, CO February 8, 2008

"... Living in New York is stressful and the city is rife with opportunities to eat, drink and sleep poorly. I have used many different detoxification programs and kits over the past 6 years and without a doubt, the Cleanse 7 produced the most amazing results ever! I've become somewhat of a mini-health guru among my peers and I always recommend Arise & Shine first. The accompanying literature is informative and easy to follow. I make the electrolyte broth even when I am not on a cleanse.

Thank you so much for creating a product that truly works."

-J.G., New York City, NY January 15, 2008

"Before cleansing, I had addictive type habits to coffee, alcohol and overeating. I was 10-20 pounds overweight and moody. The first week of the cleanse was the hardest, but as it went on, I had sustained good energy and was not too hungry. Smells made me want other foods.

After cleansing, I feel incredible! Light, clear, even keeled, very energetic and present in the moment. My cravings for previous addictions are gone."

-E.P., Twisp, WA November 19, 2007

"Prior to cleansing, I felt very toxic. I was feeling bloated, weak and unclear.

Day by day I could feel dramatic differences in my body. I began to feel more clear, alert and have more energy. I never felt hungry.

WOW! Total transformation. I feel like I have been reborn. I will continue to do these cleanses 3 or 4 times a year. The benefits are priceless."

-N.M., Kalaheo, HI September 28, 2007

"Before the cleanse, I was bloated and gassy and had been on a raw vegan diet since January 2007. I did colonics once a week while I was cleansing and in about a week and a half, I started to notice the mucoid plaque.

After cleansing, I felt much better, both mentally and physically and lost 8-10 feet of mucoid plaque!"

-P.M., Mays Landing, N.J. September 18, 2007

"I just finished the first cleanse that I have ever tried in my life and I am such a fan of your product! For the first few days, I suffered through the headaches, but by day three I was feeling just fine. I followed the program down to the instructions aside from a few days when I was busy at work and lost track of the time.

I am 100% satisfied with your cleanse products. I don't feel sluggish anymore and I feel absolutely fantastic. People are so intrigued by my dedication and excellent eating habits that I have referred them to your website. I have a new appreciation for healthy food and don't have the desire to eat meat or to put processed foods into my body any longer.

This cleanse has opened my eyes to a rejuvenated and much healthier lifestyle. I love your product so much the I just ordered a 7 Day Detox Plus again today. I am glad that my friend referred your products to me and I look forward to being a customer for life."

-T.N., Fort Myers, FL April 19, 2007

"I had put on 10 pounds due to eating catered lunches each day at work, along with a loss of willpower. My digestion and elimination system was definitely feeling clogged.

I followed the cleanse religiously with the exception of 2 business dinners during the first and second week. I had 3 nights of mild cleansing reactions, but went to sleep and woke up the next AM feeling fine.

Now, I feel great and am following the rules for breaking the juice fast. Things are still "moving" along great. I feel glad I did the cleanse."

-L.B., Philadelphia, PA April 9, 2007

"My boyfriend and I are starting our fourth cleanse today. Ever since our first one we decided to cleanse once a year in February, which tends to be such a dismal time of year. I used to drink tons of coffee and have meals based on sugar. I wasn't fat, but I definitely was not healthy. After the first cleanse I no longer desired candy and coffee is a special treat now and then. Every time I tell someone about the cleanse, all they can think of is a 'fast'. Those are exactly the people that could benefit from understanding the precious source of energy that vegetables and fruit are. We learned how to cook and experiment with all types of foods. It's amazing how many different vegetables and fruits there are. One of the amazing aspects is how much you realize that your senses are veiled until you get really clean. We smell everything and taste everything with such delight as if we never tasted it before. This is a great way to get to know and like yourself and your body again. Even doing just one cleanse can be a life-changing experience.

-Holly, Los Angeles, CA January 27, 2007

"My health was average and I ate a mostly vegetarian diet, but my energy level was so-so. I felt I needed to be more proactive in my own healthcare. The first few days were a real struggle getting use to the restricted diet, especially on the road (I'm a truck driver). The cleanse became much easier after the first week...I absolutely slept like a baby. If I slept 8 hours it felt like 16! I only did 3 weeks due to getting outstanding results.

Now that I'm done, I have a huge increase in energy, am lighter, look at least 10 years younger, sleep excellent every night, and am now doing a seven day cleanse. I tell everyone who will listen about your product."

-T.M., Laurmburg, NC January 2, 2007

"I just finished the cleanse and what a difference! I shed a few pounds, my energy level has improved greatly and most importantly developed better eating habits for the long term. My skin is clear and fingernails are no longer brittle. The shakes are filling and the program is gradual so I didn't even really miss food the last week of the cleanse. I would recommend it!

-Meredith F., Bar Harbor, ME October 5, 2006

"Before the Cleanse, I was tired and sluggish. I didn't have the energy I wanted and needed for a busy work schedule and for quality family time, but almost immediately after starting, I experienced a tremendous increase in energy and decrease in fatigue. I awoke each morning with a sense of clarity and eagerness to start the day.

Now that I have completed the Cleanse, I have continued to eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables and to drink plenty of water. I would recommend your program to anyone! It's given me such a sense of well-being! Thank you!!

-Annie Z., Boston, MA July 2, 2006

"Two years ago, I stumbled across your cleanse program. I was later informed by a Croatian doctor that your program really worked. I had done a 3 month cleanse that involved a normal cleanse as well as a liver cleanse. I then closed myself off from the world for about 6 months. After only a week on your program, I realized that something positive was happening to me, so I went on with what became a great life changing experience. I was doing the cleanse, enrolled in a yoga class and visited a neurologist from Ukraine that based his practice on both Western and Chinese medicine.

After approximately 6 months, a new person had evolved from this experience with a new perspective on life, healing and emotions. People would stop me on the street and ask me what I had done with myself…how, why and when. The doctors looked skeptically on the whole fasting experience and at some American cleanse no one had ever heard of. I can only say, that I am truly and honestly thankful for your cleanse, the products, the literature and all the advice that you have given me.

You have probably heard a million stories like this and must be wondering why I am writing to you. I am writing to you, because even though I have never met you, I feel that you have made a life-changing, crucial influence on my life.

I am now a healthy young woman. I have changed my eating and thinking habits and have decided who I want to be and where I want to go. I wake up in the morning and am so happy to be alive. I still use some of the products and probably always will.

I sincerely thank you for your products, your books and your advice."

- L. Petricevic, Zagreb, Croatia June 7, 2006

"My unhappiness with my body - GONE. I have changed my eating, lifestyle and food preparation; ... I would recommend the Cleanse Program to anyone."

- P.M., Boise, ID

"It seems that every time I do the Cleanse, I become acutely aware of how food affects my body. Further, each Cleanse has elminated a 'trigger' food for me. For example, after the first Cleanse, I no longer had a desire for ice cream; the second Cleanse it was chocolate; and the third eliminated any desire for coffee and fried foods. After doing the Cleanse, I now know what really nourishing myself is truly about."

- Catilin B., Austin, TX

"I have tried many other cleanses on the market, but none are one-tenth as effective and as easy as your program. I always think that I look ten years younger, feel terrific and have such an optimistic attitude afterwards!"

- N.G., Mt. Shasta, CA

"I have always been in pretty good health, but since doing the Cleanse, my skin is much softer. In the morning I feel bright. My body feels as if there is no weight at all. My fingernails are harder, my taste is much better, I am seldom hungry, cigarettes taste horrible and I try now to give them up completely. I have done the program just 2 weeks ago."

- Jutta H., Germany

"I was exhausted the first four days of the Cleanse and fell asleep as soon as I sat down in the evening. But the next day, I was full of energy and feeling quite well. ... and I could not believe the waste product eliminated. In the past I would pass stools about the size of a pencil and short segmented pieces which were very hard. With this program I passed over 50 feet of convoluted material the size of a very large cigar (conservative size). I was amazed every time I eliminated how easy and massive the movements were! Headaches went away. I slept good for the first time in years, all night in bed."

- Dr. F. Lounsbury, Princeton, WV

"Since doing the Cleanse my stomach has disappeared and is now flat. I am absorbing so many more nutrients and am satisfied with very little food. I have no gas, a tremendous amount of energy, a great feeling of well-being and my skin looks and feels 20 years younger. Also, my eyes are crystal clear and my hair looks and feels healthier."

- Joy K., Atlanta, GA

"Before the Cleanse, I was tired, bloated, stiff in the joints, and FAT! Now I have more energy, am sleeping better, and no longer crave junk foods. I am a true believer and recommend your program to all my friends."

- P. Fuller, Rowland Heights, CA June 22, 2005

My health, particularly my digestion, had deteriorated badly due to my pregnancies. I was extremely fatigued and suffered from diarrhea. I had tried numerous treatments including acupuncture, ayurveda, candida treatments, etc. and nothing helped much. I had even asked several practitioners about cleansing, but they all said I was too weak.

But I had an intuition that I needed to cleanse. So I ordered your cleanse kit and started with the mildest phase. After 2 days, it was like a digestive wonder—normal bowel movements for the first time in years! I had to suppress the urge to tell everyone I met about it! I was also able to eat salad, one of my favorite foods, for the first time in years. My energy started coming back and I felt like I had my life back.

Now I am on a 70% raw food diet, and I am hoping to get to at least 80% or more. My kids are up to 50%. I do a mild cleanse every few months. I take one shake every night, which keeps my bowel movements healthy. I am hoping to do a more advanced cleanse next time, as I am so much stronger.

I can't thank you enough for your cleansing program and your devotion to making people healthy. I think about you and your company often, as you have been such an important part of my life. I am profoundly grateful to you. I have told so many friends about your cleanse and I will continue to spread the word."

- C. Winnett, Berkeley, CA July 13, 2005

"Before I tried the Cleanse, I was fat, tired, had no energy, low self-esteem, hot flashes and didn't want to get out of bed in the morning. But, once I started, I felt more confident, had more energy, ...and woke up feeling refreshed! I feel great."

-Marlene B., Ontario, Canada June 21, 2006

These are actual testimonials from customers and are their unique personal experiences and not meant to be health claims. Cleansing results vary person to person. If you are experiencing health problems, please consult with a qualified health practitioner.

Arise & Shine products are not meant to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.


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