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All About The Kidney

Roles of the Kidney
Kidney Failure Treatments

All about the kidney: all you need to know about your kidney and its functions; how the kidneys work and an insight into kidney conditions, treatments and tests.

Kidneys are a vital pair of human body organs located at the back side of the abdominal area. The size of each kidney is approximately 4 or 5 inches which is around the size of your fist. This article will teach you about the kidneys and its various functions as well as the conditions that may arise due to improper kidney functioning and the treatments available to cure them.


The main function of the kidneys is filtering of the blood. This article makes you aware all about the kidneys and its functions. The whole blood in the human body has to pass through kidneys many times in a day. The kidneys help in controlling the fluid balance of the body, remove wastes as well as aid in regulating the electrolytes balance in the body. While performing the process of filtering blood, the kidneys create urine, which is collected in the pelvis.


Pelvis is a funnel shaped structure that consists of drain down tubes known as ureters towards the urinary bladder. Other important functions and all about the kidneys will be dealt later in the article.


Each kidney is comprised of around a million cells or units called nephrons which are considered as microscopic blood filters. It is even possible that you lose around 90% functioning of your kidneys without experiencing any kind of problems or symptoms. Read below to know all about the kidneys and how it works!


Functions of the kidneys


This section will make you aware all about the kidneys and its various critical functions. Kidneys are an important organ in the homeostasis of the entire body. It is responsible for the regulation of base acid balances, concentration of the electrolytic substances, extracellular volume of the fluids in the body, as well as blood pressure regulation. Secretion, reabsorption and filtration are the main tasks performed by the kidneys that take place in the nephrons.


Accomplishment of these functions is performed by the kidneys both independently as well as in cooperation with the other organs. The rest of the functions and all about the kidneys are explained below:

  • Excreting wastes- many waste products from the metabolism process are excreted by the kidneys. These consist of the nitrogenous waste called "urea", from catabolism of proteins, along with uric acid, from metabolism of nucleic acid. Urine Formationis also an important function of the kidneys.

  • Homeostasis of acid base- Two main organ systems of the human body namely the lungsand kidneys, are responsible for maintaining acid-base homeostasis, which is described as the regulation of pH and stabilizing itto relatively stable values. The contribution of lungs to acid-base homeostasis is the regulation of carbonic gas (CO2) concentration. However, the role of the kidneys in the maintenance of the acid-base homeostatic balance is thereabsorption of bicarbonate from the urine, and the excretion ofhydrogen ions into the urine.

  • Regulation of blood pressure- all about the kidney and how it regulates blood pressure in humans is discussed here. Although the kidneys are not able to directly sense blood, regulation of blood pressure depends on them. This primarily happens through maintenance of the compartment of extracellular fluids, whose size depends on the sodium plasma concentration.

  • Secretions of hormones- know all about the kidney and how the organ is responsible for hormone secretion! A variety of hormones are secreted by the kidney which include a hormone called erythropoietin as well as an enzyme called renin. Erythropoietin is secreted in response to hypoxia, which occurs when there is a low oxygen level in tissues for renal circulation.

Conditions arising in the kidneys and their treatments


Know all about the kidney and the various conditions that affect the organ:

  • Kidney stones- the minerals found in urine sometimes form stones or crystals which might block the flow of urine after growing large. A very painful condition and need timely treatment.

  • Kidney failure- worsening of kidney functions like dehydration or blockage in the urinary tract can cause the severe condition of kidney failure which is irreversible.

  • Infection in pelvis of the kidneys- sometimes kidneys might be infected by bacteria causing pain in back and even fever.

  • Kidney cancer- Renal cell cancer is the most occurring cancer of the kidneys. Smoking is considered as a leading cause for kidney cancer.

  • Renal cyst- a benign and hallowed space in the kidney is created. However, this condition does not affect any functions of the kidney.

The tests and diagnosis all about the kidney and how the conditions are treated are explained in the points below. Urinalysis, kidney ultrasound, CT scan, MRI scans, Kidney biopsy are some of the diagnosis methods.

  • Intake of antibiotics will help in infections of the kidneys.

  • Catheterization can be adopted in case you are not able to urinate.

  • Lithotripsy is a method which shatters the kidney stones which can then be excreted with the urine.

Kidney transplant is a process in which a healthy kidney from another person can be transplanted to your system to restore the lost kidney functions.
Apart from the above listed treatments all about the kidneys, it is best to prevent reaching those conditions by following a healthy regimen and consuming nutritious diet. Involve herbs like chanca piedra in your daily diet in Glytamins and you will be a healthier being!

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